Well, it’s 12:01 am.  I made it to Shreveport, and spent a few hours at the tables.  The casino is packed.

I haven’t won anything yet, but haven’t lost much either.  I expect today to be luckier for me 🙂

Tomorrow is supposed to be crazy busy here, as everyone pushed their 7-7-7 luck.

But I have an advantage on them – today is not just 7-7-7 — it is my birthday.  And I was born on 7-7-61.  Add the 6 and 1 and you get a seven.

I am 16,801 days old today (yes, 46 years!).

And my driver’s license expires today – need to take care of that on Monday!

Here’s hoping you you all enjoy my birthday, and that we are ALL lucky today 🙂



  1. Thanks, girl!


  2. Alyssa says:

    Happy Birthday Uncle Robbie!!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BRO!!!!   Hope they treat you right at the tables.
    Love Ya

  4. Thanks, Tim

    @Yuvi – tell your dad happy birthday as well 🙂



  5. Happy B-Day Big (Old) Brother…..and good luck on the tables…….

  6. Happy Birthday Rob!Today’s my Dad’s birthday too 😉 

  7. Thanks much, Sisir!


  8. Happy Birthday Rob!