1. et tu? Rob the rebel. 🙄

  2. Let me clarify Rob’s post to the people who don’t get it.
    Rob is only trying to test the system .. he wonders if it is possible to get sued for copyright infringement by posting a random number. Or, if not sued, maybe ‘silenced’ by certain ‘Services’.
    It’s too bad Rob is doing this, since that number happens to be the AES key of my personal wireless AP at home.
    Oh, but wait, as long as he doesn’t tell people what it is .. what harm can it do?
    Dang.. as the user of that number .. I’d better keep my mouth shut. Hmmm… interesting!
    Anyway, it’s late.. I’m going to bed. But first I will rob Rob’s Swiss bank account. So that I can get myself ALL the HD DVD’s in the world without actually having to pay for them myself.

  3. Yuvi, no it’s not a CLSID.
    And if Rob buys me an HD DVD player, I will stop telling people that it’s his Swiss Bank Account Number.
    As for it being random .. did you know that the number 12345678 is a random number too?
    Anyway, waht does HD, in HD DVD, stand for anyway?
    Hacker Decrypted? I think of the weirdest things when I can’t fall asleep….

  4. Looks like a fangled CLSID of an obscure COM object to me. But maybe, that’s because I’ve never actually observed CLSIDs…

  5. I just posted some random characters. I have no idea why you are bringing HD DVD into the discussion 😉

  6. I really appreciate your posting this, but as you know (from my post: link): I don’t HAVE an HD DVD player yet!