10 Words

This post started on Twitter – with a simple question.  “What is your favorite word?”.  Read more about it here. Go ahead and read it – it will open in a new window, and I’ll wait.

Back already?  Did you really read that?  OK, no harm no foul.  I’ll wait.  Trusting you to do the right thing here!

OK, assuming you actually did read that the second time, this post may make sense.  If you tried to fake it twice, no problem.  Go read it.  I’ll wait (again).

OK, so you read it!  Great!

Here are my ten favorite words, and why.

1) Helpful – From being a parent to being a boss – helpful is a very powerful word.  Nothing makes me feel better than just being helpful.  Nothing gives my life more meaning.  Really.  It’s fun being helpful – and rewarding!

2) Disruptive – I know this looks like a weird one, but it is actually a great word, and an even better tool that every business should employ.  No company is ever perfect.  Disruptive forces cause people to re-think things.  To question “norms”.  And eventually to re-invent themselves.  Hopefully for the better.

3) Emotion – Because without emotion, nothing has meaning.

4) Compassion – Because all of us should be able to put ourselves in others shoes – to look at that homeless person and think, “if”.  If I had made different decisions, that could have been me.  With different friends, that could have been me. In different circumstances, that could have been me.  Tomorrow, that could be me.

5) Timing – Because many things depend on it.  Including conception 🙂

6) Hope – Every day can be a better day.  For me, for you, for the planet.

7) Trust – I no longer deal with people I can’t trust, even if it costs me money, or love.  I am richer in the end through this decision.

8) Sharing – This encompases a lot – generousity, gratefulness, success.  All things that are better shared – like a hot tub.

9) Friendly – I was recently in Palo Alto, CA.  I walked down the streets during the day, and at night.  Giving everyone I met a cheery “Hello!”.  Some were surprised, and cautious.  Some thought I was a nutcase.  Most smiled back, and some I even started a conversation with.

10) Content – This is something you can only develop within your mind.  Neither job, or car, spouse or savings can make one content.  To be content, you must like who YOU are.

Now, I am certainly not arguing that I have achieved all of these things – but they are what I aspire to 🙂

How about you?  Do your own post, and link back.  And if you tweet it, use the #10words hashtag.  (But if you read the linked post you already knew that!).


  1. Love the surprise choice of “disruptive,” especially when paired in a list with compassion and friendly. If you show the latter, you can pull off the former. Nice list, Rob.