1323 posts in 2007. Plus this one.

1323 posts is a lot.  No doubt too many.

110 posts a month is 25 posts a week, or just about 3.6 posts a day.  For a year.


For some reason the year started slower than it finished.  Oddly enough I picked up my largest and most time consuming client in June – just about the time my posts started increasing in volume.  No idea if the two are related.

In any case, my goal for 2008 is to post on average twice a day here.  That’s more than enough.  For all of us 🙂

There were 30 days that I didn’t post at all.

The average post was 225 words, and the longest post was 4990 words.

I currently average 1.96 comments per post.

I’ve met 61 people through my blog this year and three of them have hired me.  A dozen of them I have met in person, and a few of them have become friends.  (Real life friends).  I think another two dozen will be friends if we ever meet in person.

So blogging has paid off for me – personally (through meeting friends) and professionally (through finding work).

And it keeps me off the streets.