1400 Miles is a Bad Year

I only put 1400 miles on my motorcycle this year – which is pathetic.

What I miss is the stories I’ve been able to share about my rides.

And now it is very cold. And I doubt I’ll have another chance to ride this year (I HATE the cold).

I’m not sure why I didn’t ride much this year.  The new job?  Maybe.  The fact we haven’t had any rain to speak of so we have either been very cold or very hot (or very windy!) – probably.

But as little as I use my bike, I can’t imagine not having one.

It only takes a little bit of the garage; for me insurance is cheap, and all I need is a few hours on her a month and I’m happy.

But 1400 miles a year is pathetic 🙂


  1. @Paul – I hate hurricanes even more 😉

  2. Paul Claessen says:

    (I HATE the cold).

    Move to Florida! 😉