Today I went over 15,000 unique page views for the month. Amazing – and quite an improvement from my previous best month of 11,700.

I am somewhat surprised and humbled that so many people willingly read my drivel – but I am oddly pleased that you do. I need to pay my children to listen to me, and I have to tie the dog up to get his attention.

So thanks to all of you – including those of you that came looking for “Steve Irwin death video” or “Vista Product Keys”. You’re all welcome here 🙂

I wish I could find a way to get more people involved in commenting – even when people don’t agree with me, I appreciate the feedback. Never feel shy about leaving a comment – I look forward to reading them, and I like the engagement. If you’ve read enough of this blog you must realize you can’t possibly embarrass yourself any more than I do!

In any case – thanks for the visits. It makes it easier to write when you realize there are readers.