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Work space vs. think space

I work out of my home, and I have a pretty well stocked home office.  In fact, it is over-stocked.  There are far too many distractions with multiple computers, TVs, SlingBox, video feeds from home security cameras, IMs, emails, etc.  I work in my home office, and I do pretty good despite the distractions.  I can work with distractions.

But In my bedroom I have another mini-office.  Basically an empty desk.  I never have bills stacked there, or any other paper that is printed or written on.  I have instead a clean desk, and a blank tablet.  I don’t work in this office – this is where I think.  It’s where I can get away from all of the distractions and just think – and write down notes, draw pictures, whatever it takes.  Each day I take my notes out of my bedroom, and back into my real office.  Each day I walk into my “thinking office” with a clean slate.  Almost literally.

It’s amazing how often an hour or so in my “thinking office” saves me three or four hours in my “working office”. 

This method works for me.  It probably won’t work for you, but feel free to try it.  I haven’t copyrighted it or anything, and I doubt I’ll ever write a book about it!


A golf hole is 4.25 inches in diameter

[OUCH! After all this time someone corrects me in the comments – a golf hole is 4.25 inches in diameter! Thanks, “hole”! Perhaps if it really were 4.5 inches I would have a better score!]

Today at The Grove Tiger Woods once again Eagled the 18th hole. That’s three days in a row. For those of you that don’t know golf, an Eagle means 2 under par. The 18th is a par 5. Tiger made it in three shots three days in a row.

That means Tiger moved the ball over three quarters of a mile in nine shots. Doesn’t sound impossible, as I can occasionally hit the ball 250 yards. Occasionally!

So why is this a big deal? Because Tiger hit the ball over 3/4 of a mile with only nine shots and three times during those nine shots he had to get the little ball into a hole only 4.5 inches in diameter. And he made it look easy. And that’s why he is Tiger Wood’s – the Babe Ruth, or Muhammad Ali, or Michael Jordan of this generation.

I don’t care if you golf or not, or know golf or not – you owe it to yourself to watch Tiger play. When he is having a “good day” nobody can catch him. When he is having a “great day” nobody can even see him!

Rebooting the Internet

I was just talking to an old friend of mine.  He lives in DC – he’s a General in the Army.  I’ve know him since he was a young Captain, so about 24 years.

While we were catching up he complained that he lost his Internet connection.  As I walked him through the steps to determine if it was the Wireless LAN, or his cable modem he asked me if I wanted him to “reboot the Internet”.

I found that to be pretty funny because although he really meant reboot the cable modem, I know what he does for a living.  I am sure he could reboot the Internet if he wanted to!

iBloks Launches Movie Maker for MySpace…


Mashable likes Web Apps more than I do…

“Frankly, a web-based product that plugs into social networking sites is a far better idea.”

Why? What are these huge “barriers to downloading”? Billions of pieces of software are downloaded every year. People know how to do it, and they will, if they see the value and feel comfortable with the company they are downloading from.

Web apps are great. No, they are OK. They aren’t great – they don’t have the responsiveness, depth of color/user experience OR the speed a similar desktop application can offer.

Web based apps store data (usually) on the web – which means you can access the data from almost anywhere. I’ll let you decide if you think that is a good thing or bad thing – I’m just going to argue that it isn’t a “web application” vs. “desktop application” argument.

Anything a Web Application can do, a Desktop application can do.  Web applications can’t do everything a Desktop can.  And it will be a long time before they can (if ever).

So what is really important?  Access to the data, certainly.  From anywhere, even a thin client.  The data is on the web, not on your hard drive.  It is backed up.  It is replicated in different sites so a natural (or not) disaster won’t keep you from you data.

The best of both worlds of course is to offer a rich desktop client that offers all the bells and whistles needed AND to offer a slimmed down web-based version of the application to allow you to access, share, and even to some extent modify the data.

But both apps need to allow for both local and remote storage – and preferably a way to synch the data between local and remote (or multiple locals and/or remote sites).

Web applications are convenient – but they don’t have the horsepower to replace desktop applications.  But they can certainly be useful to augment desktop applications.

Congress to limit rates for payday loans – U.S. Business –

 While I still think a 36 percent interest rate is fiscal rape, it’s a lot better than 360%, or even 800%.  So Congress took a step in the right direction today.  Now use the other foot, and take another step forward – pay our service men and women enough money that they don’t need to fall into these traps!

Follow-up to this post.


Link to Congress to limit rates for payday loans – U.S. Business –