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Cosmic Log : Stephen Hawking in space

If they set up a “Send Stephen to Space” collection, I am so totally giving to it.  Can you imagine what new insights and/or motivation it might give this amazing man? 

British billionaire Richard Branson says he’s sending over a medical officer to talk with physicist Stephen Hawking about getting him into space. That’s how the founder of Virgin Galactic responded to Hawking’s comment that “maybe Richard Branson will help” him achieve his long-held goal of reaching the final frontier, even though he’s a quadriplegic who needs a blink-controlled computer to communicate.

Source: Cosmic Log : Stephen Hawking in space

"Never buy electronics for your parents"

That was the entire Instant Message I got from a friend of mine today before he dropped offline.  I can only imagine what prompted it, and it made me laugh. 

It made me laugh again now, just remembering it.

I don’t want a gentle alarm clock

I keep seeing all of these ads and/or blog posts about the various new alarm clocks that aim to “wake you up gently” with aromas, lights, whatever.  Sorry – I don’t get it.

I want a rude alarm clock – like an English Ambulance siren kind of rude.  I want waking up to be the worse part of my day – not the most pleasant.  If I wake up to that, the rest of the day is just uphill.

But then I am a freak – YMMV.


Blog Stats

My first post on this new blog was on AUG 12, 2006 (my son’s birthday). 

Since I started the stats are:

412 posts and 605 comments, contained within 20 categories.

I want to thank you all for the comments – they are the most important part of any blog.


I’ve started writing a book called "Social Security – Protecting Your Identity on the Social Web"

I realize the title may confuse some people with the other Social Security – but I still like the title, and I think the subtitle makes up for any confusion.

What do you think? Confusing, or not?


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