2007 Maker Faire Announced

 Very cool – a Maker Faire just up the road in Austin this fall – the waether should be wonderful in October!  Count me in – I think I’ll ride my motorcycle up – anyone want to ride with me (room for one hot lady on the bike – anyone else needs to get their own bike ;))

Another Maker Faire will be held October 20 and 21 at the Travis County fairgrounds in Austin, Texas.

Source: 2007 Maker Faire Announced – Gizmodo


  1. Thanks, Deannie – I’ve tried to improve it more, but I end up screwing things up on the PC side.

  2. That *is* cool. I had never heard of Maker Faire before.

    So totally off topic here, I am reading & commenting here via my phone. The load time isn’t too bad at all (nice!). The post itself is displayed in a long skinny column so I had to do a lot of scrolling down but overall…not a bad way to read your site. Good job Rob.