2007 NFL Draft – First Round

I was shocked to see Dallas at the 22nd position have the option of drafting Brady Quinn.  When I realized Quinn was still going to be available, I was certain Jerry Jones would select him.  Jerry likes his big name quarterbacks.

But Dallas traded their only first round pick to Cleveland – in exchange for a first round pick next year, and a second round pick this year.

Brady Quinn is an Ohio native and lifelong Cleveland fan – good for him, even if he had to wait for the 22nd pick.  He’s going to be playing in the NFL for his home team.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

So what did Dallas gain?  Cleveland could certainly end up in the top five in next year’s draft.  That would give the Cowboy’s a very good chance at selecting whatever player they want next year.  If Tony Romo doesn’t work out as the Quarterback this year, they would have an excellent opportunity to select a high-quality quarterback next year.  But that can’t be the end-goal, because the Cowboy’s could have picked Quinn this year. 

So this tells me that the Cowboy’s have a lot of faith in Tony Romo.

So what could Dallas get next year?  I’m not sure they are even sure at this point – but whatever weaknesses they find through the 2007 they will be able to address with two first round picks next year.

Plus, they got the 2nd round pick from Cleveland this year, which still gives Dallas ample opportunity to strengthen their offensive line, or address any other weaknesses they need to deal with prior to this season kicking off (pardon the pun).

So as surprised as I was that Dallas passed on Quinn, I think this is a great strategic move.  Of course, only time will tell.

But without a doubt, the biggest sigh of relief today came from Tony Romo – had the Cowboy’s drafted Quinn, Romo’s future would have certainly been – well, uncertain.  Instead, it seems the Dallas Cowboy’s have a great deal of faith in Romo, and that Romo has the opportunity to become the Dallas franchise player.


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