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Messenger Plus! Live – News

My favorite plugin for MSN Messenger is now released in a brand new Vista-compatible version.  It works extremely well, and adds a ton of new features that I haven’t had anywhere near enough time to explore.  More later.  But try it – it won’t hurt you (but read the install screens closely – there is one decision in there you need to make.) 

Messenger Plus! Live 4.20 has been released

It’s already been 3 months since the last update and still, I feel like I didn’t have enough time to create the new version I desired. Well, new versions got to be released one day or another and it’s a well known facts that developers tend to keep pushing deadlines forever. So, here it is ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, moogles and bangaas: Messenger Plus! Live 4.20 :).

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Exclusive: Is Spotplex a Better Digg?

Arrington gets another exclusive.  This time a big one, I think.  Spotplex looks pretty cool, and unlike Digg at least more fair.  I say “more fair” because it’s yet to be seen how/if small blog voices will ever be heard on Spotplex.

But I’m giving them a shot – I got the invite code, and installed the script.  You can see their logo on the bottom right sidebar under “Misc”. 

We’ll see what if anything it does.  Right now the site looks very good, but without seeing how it ties into me and my blog, and how it helps me and/or my readers, I can’t really judge it.  If all that shows up on the frontpage is Lifehacker then I’ll know they failed.

A new site called Spotplex launched today that arguably sorts news in a better way than Digg does. I’ve been testing the service for the last couple of weeks and like what I’ve seen.

News stories are not submitted by users, as with Digg. Instead, sites that want to participate include some javascript code on their site, which monitors what stories/posts are read. The more times a story is read, the higher it appears in Spotplex. Very popular stories will make it to the Spotplex home page.

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Jay Leno’s Garage Goes Green with 19th Century Steam-Powered Electric Generator – Popular Mechanics

Very cool story about Jay Leno buying some VERY old equipment to power his very modern garage (adult male playground).  I wonder how much power one of these things can generate now – the technology on the dynamos are probably a lot more efficient now.  Hopefully Jay will follow up with more details on the energy costs vs. savings. 

The engine’s speed is governed by ball-shaped spinning weights. The faster the engine goes, the farther the two balls extend away from each other, due to centrifugal force. When the balls are fully extended, the engine is at top speed. So when people say that they’re “running balls out,” there’s no sexual — or even masculine — connotation. It’s just a reference to the governor. And a really neat thing about really big engines, like some Wrights, is that for a good 15 minutes after the steam stops, the engine keeps running — thanks to its immense flywheel.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage Goes Green with 19th Century Steam-Powered Electric Generator – Popular Mechanics

Overheard in New York | The Voice of the City

Gosh – he might have a point!  I think.  Who knows? 

Hobo: Look, this ain’t my hair! I am part of the Homeland Security, and the alert color today is orange for ‘High alert.’ Now, how can you be both high and alert? That’s why this country is so fucked up! Have a nice day!
–L train, 6th Ave
Overheard by: pchace

Source: Overheard in New York | The Voice of the City

Not watching my new HDTV tonight

I just bought a brand new 57 inch HDTV less than a week ago – but I’m not watching it.  There is nothing on I want to see.  Instead I am watching a National Geographic special on the search for PT-109 (John F. Kennedy’s WWII patrol boat) on Joost – on my 15 inch laptop screen.

Why? It’s the programming I want to see right now.  And it’s amazingly good quality.

Sorry, I don’t have any Joost invites.  Please don’t flood my comments (again). I cannot help you!

But you should keep on the lookout for an invite.  The quality of service was good the first time I tested it, and it’s even better now.  But that’s not why I like it.  I like it because of the programming.  It’s no longer “Lassie” reruns (I enjoyed those) and movie videos.  There is much, much more.  I can spend hours just watching National Geographic programming.

I still have issues running it on Vista (I can’t) – I think I know how to solve that now though – I’ll try it tomorrow.

The interface is pretty fetching, even though I would be plenty happy settling for something less glitzy and more responsive.  My laptop has a built in motion sensor (Thinkpad), so when I move my laptop while Joost is playing I get a pronounced stuttering – I’ve assuming because the hard drive has retracted the heads to prevent damage to the platters.  But I don’t care.  It’s a wonderful service that I am just now starting to really enjoy.  I don’t know what kept me from using it more a month ago or so.  Timing, programming, whatever.

Now if only I could spool a few programs to my disk to watch later, when I am traveling…