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A not amazing video

imageThis is a clip from a streaming video that isn’t very interesting – just my son out front brushing our dog.

What IS cool is that Yuvi was watching it from India!

In other breaking news…

My 16 year old daughter whistled for the first time today.  Yes – whistled.  She has never been able to before.

So there you go.  Progress.

OK, about my previous post…

This post about killer bunnies came from the fact that I am completely brain dead from trying to figure out which version of Microsoft SQL I need to buy for an Enterprise application.

image Look at this image – I have no idea what it’s telling me.  I think I need the Standard Edition, but going there brings me to MORE choices!

Anyway, it gave me a headache, so I started reading blogs and saw the Violent Acres post with the silly little song on the end of it… and added a bit to it.

That’s all.  Not getting all twisted on you or anything (although reading Violent Acres may MAKE you twisted!)

Now, back to trying to figure out WTF to buy!


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Pricing The following table provides pricing for SQL Server 2005 with both retail pricing and example pricing for each licensing model (processor, server plus user CAL and server plus device CAL).

Microsoft SQL Server: How to Buy Microsoft SQL Server

Update Soup: Catchphrase Contest, Pick The Brain, and Death Bunny · Violent Acres

Little rabbit, rabid rabbit,

Has a major cocaine habit.

Not so funny, when this bunny,

chews your flesh from bone.

No so funny when this bunny  

won’t leave your ass alone.

He’s a sick-ass rabbit with a bad ass need

to eat your flesh and plant his seed.


Death bunny, get back in your hole!
Death bunny is out of control!
Instead of carrots, he eats flesh!
Instead of lettuce, he likes sex!

Update Soup: Catchphrase Contest, Pick The Brain, and Death Bunny · Violent Acres

Another reason Digg Sucks

It’s interesting how people think.  If you read some of the (rather nasty) comments on this Digg trail (link on bottom) you’ll see that a lot of people tried to “bury” this article just because they have something against Engadget, or Ryan Block, or kittens – whatever.  They weren’t “voting” on the content of the Digg’d article at all – they were being human.  That’s the fatal flaw for Digg – humans are rarely objective.

It would be interesting to do a deep dive into their stats and see if certain users consistently rate certain things up or down.  Maybe Digg should adjust their algorithm to take bias into account?

Another way of attacking this would be to allow each “Digger’s” vote to be Digg’d!  If everyone else thinks you are being petty (or showing favoritism to a friend by constantly voting them up), they can vote your vote down – giving it less weight.

Yuvi complete a very in-depth analysis of Engadget. The data is interesting. Got a tech blog? This data will help you focus on what people are interested in. Great job here!

Digg – Engadget Statistics – an Analysis by Yuvi