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Photobucket sign-on SUCKS

I never joined Photobucket before.  I did today, as part of beta testing another service.

Photobucket sign on sucks!  First they set an opt-in "give away" site defaulted to "Yes, send me the spam!" then they have a full page ad trying to get you to accept "free" ring-tones.  WTF do ring-tones and prize giveaways have to do with me using Photobucket?

Very unhappy with my initial user experience.

New Hat. No Pay

I have recently realized that I have started to wear a new hat.  It is still a consulting hat, but it doesn’t pay anything.

I talk to 3-4 companies a week that are looking for… something.  Programmer’s graphics work, CSS, Database expertise, hosting recommendations ( and so on.

They aren’t looking to hire me (although 2-3 of them a week really should be looking to hire someone like me).  They are calling me because I am a reference for some other company I have hired/engaged with in the past.

This should be a very simple and brief thing for me to manage.  But I have a curious nature, and I always try to draw out of them what they plan on building, who their market is, etc.  It is amazing how much people will tell you after you’ve done them a favor.  And I do offer them advice if and when I can – several of those companies still contact me – long after hiring that developer or artist. 

So on one hand, it is hours that I can’t bill for.  On the other, it is information that I couldn’t buy.

So I don’t mind listening, and helping where I can – and learning whenever I can.  Maybe this is a first step in my goal to becoming a great mentor (earlier post today)

$200 Ubuntu Linux PC Now Available at Wal-Mart

Yes, I am going to buy one of these.  With the assumption that Ubuntu will support all of the hardware in the box.

Why?  Because I do want to learn more about Linux (15 years ago I a was the admin on some Linux servers – but a LOT has changed since then!).  But I don;t want to fight to make it work.  I’m assuming for $200 I can get a system I don’t have to arm-wrestle with just to allow me to get past the "grub error level-13" issue that has plagued me on installs of Ubuntu/Kubuntu in the past.

Everex_gpc_tc2502 Everex’s TC2502 gPC is the first mass-market $200 desktop computer, featuring a custom distribution of Ubuntu Linux and headed for selected Wal-Mart stores. "It’s $200, with no gimmicks or subsidies," Everex spokesman David Liu said.

$200 Ubuntu Linux PC Now Available at Wal-Mart | Gadget Lab from

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Great new series of posts for new startups.

I especially like what is said about mentors – I’ve had some great ones.  I hope one day to be a great one.

What I learned about my mentors is that  they were all very different than each other – yet all added a vast amount of knowledge and experience into my life.  Both personally and professionally.

What makes a great mentor? Ultimately, great mentors see something in you, and help you reach your potential. They dont always do this with direct advice. Often, they do it with introductions, resources, or through the process of thinking out loud with you. Your best mentors will become friends and permanent fixtures in your life.

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Uneven Playing Field

Inspired by Ike

Click it to make it bigger (I tell her time and time again!)