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Yes, I’ve been quiet today.  Yesterday I hit a brick wall on an application I am working on so I needed to step away for a while, and do something else.  Part of that was watching the Cowboys beat Green Bay last night (Thanks, Eric!).  Part of it was spending a good part of my day watching TED videos.

I probably watched 15 of them today.  My favorite was Ron Eglash talking about fractals.  I know it sounds dry – but it wasn’t.

I also really enjoyed Larry Brilliant and his case for optimismSomehow his talk made me feel a little better about the world I will be leaving my children, and their children.

William Kamkwamba talks about building a windmill.

These are just a few examples of the free education that exists on the Internet.  I hope you watch some videos that are just a bit more meaningful and instructive than the average YouTube video. 

Anytime I feel a bit drained – emotionally or mentally, I find something new to learn.  I try to find out what others are doing to change their world.  When I see what they are doing my challenges seem so much smaller – so much easier to overcome.

So go watch Ron Eglash – and find out how computers were "invented" in Africa.  Learn about how building a windmill can change not only your life, but the lives of others.  And go find out why we should all be optimistic even if things sometimes seem bleak.

It makes me feel pretty good knowing that really smart, really passionate people are working on making our planet a better place for my kids.  And their kids.  And your kids.  Our kids.  Our Planet.

And yes, I do feel like I am back on track now – and tomorrow I will work on my application again.  And odds are I will look at it with a different perspective.  Odds are I will break through my brick wall.  It is, after all, just a mental barrier.

Dispelling a rumor – Time Warner San Antonio and the Cowboy/Packers game

Several people have asked me in the last two days if Time Warner was running the Cowboys/Packers game on channel 154 tonight.

Time Warner has just informed me that this is absolutely not true.  The confusion seems to have started when a local radio personality mentioned he "heard" it would be on TW Channel 154.  This was incorrect.

Also, DISH had an ad in the local paper today stating the game is on channel 154 on the Dish Network. I can only assume people got confused by that.

In any case, no game on TW channel 154 tonight.

And honestly, I hope TW sticks to their guns on this one.  I don’t like paying for programming I never watch (gardening, cooking, religious, shopping, etc) and I do NOT want others paying for me to watch the NFL if they don’t have an interest in the NFL.

The NFLN should just wither away and die.  It is a poorly conceived idea that has been executed even worse.  It is the worst sports public relations disaster since the baseball strike.  And I have not watched a single Major League Baseball game since. 

And a personal note to Mr. Jerry Jones – It took me about a decade to forgive you for the way you treated Tom Landry.  Don’t make a similar mistake now.  Do NOT alienate the very fans that are purchasing your new $1 BILLION dollar stadium for you. 

Texas mayors to unveil ‘state bulb’ as part of green push

I have converted about 20% of my lights to CFL.  I need to do better.  But CFL also needs light bulbs in different form factors – like CFL bulbs that can replace the half dozen Halogen bulbs I have in lighting here (ceiling fans, floor laps, desk lamps, etc).

But I’m glad the San Antonio mayor is involved – he’s been a damn fine mayor.  Too bad San Antonio instituted term limits a number of years ago. 

Anyway, go change out a few bulbs.  Do one a month.  In a year you’ll be saving energy and the planet will be a little bit happier.

The mayors from five of Texas’ largest cities on Friday will call on Texans to switch to compact florescent lightbulbs to reduce energy use in the Lone Star state. The five mayors will officially introduce the "state bulb" of Texas from the front steps of San Antonio’s City Hall. San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger will join Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, Houston Mayor Bill White, Austin Mayor Will Wynn and El Paso Mayor John Cook in making the announcement. The Natural Resources Defense Council said earlier this year that Texas could net $50 billion in savings and other economic benefits during the next 15 years if it invested $11 billion in various energy strategies. Part of that effort includes switching to compact fluorescent lights.

Texas mayors to unveil ‘state bulb’ as part of green push – San Antonio Business Journal:



Welcome to dimdim

dimdim I haven’t received my beta invitation for dimdim yet – but one of my clients has. We gave it a run tonight and I am impressed.

dimdim is an online meeting platform. You can share desktops, audio, video, applications, have public and private chats, and more.

First, the audio quality is amazing. It is better than Skype (we tested both at the same time, same machines, same connections). While the Skype audio was somewhat muffled the dimdim audio sounded as if my client was sitting right next to me.

The application sharing rivaled that of high end pay services (you know the ones)!

We didn’t test the webcam part of the service, but will soon. And we did have a few small glitches. But the service seems incredibly fast compared to some of the other services I have used.

Go get your invite now!

And if dimdim wants to give me some invites for my readers, that would be cool!)

dimdim is the world´s first free web meeting service based on the open source platform. dimdim is a browser-based web 2.0 service that allows anybody to share their desktop, show slides, as well as talk, listen, chat, and broadcast via webcam. dimdim´s hosted service is available for free and can be easily used for small gatherings, to seminars with hundreds of attendees. With absolutely no software to download for attendees, dimdim gives everyone the opportunity to hold Web meetings and to customize and brand these meetings.

Welcome to dimdim