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What I’ve learned in 2007 « Scobleizer

I just read Robert’s “What I’ve Learned” post.  I found #38 to be especially interesting because on a couple of occasions this year I have told Robert he needs to get out of the Valley and talk to people in Boston, Raleigh, Austin, Houston, etc.

Robert’s reply was that he lived in the Valley because everything cool was happening in the Valley.

So he DID learn something in 2007!

So who did I talk to in 2007?  Partners in Australia, Dubai, Iraq, Saudi, Lebanon, Brazil and Vietnam.  Oh – and Minnesota 🙂

It’s a huge little world, and cool stuff is happening in every corner of it.

38. The interesting stuff that’s happening is going on outside the valley. What I find is interesting is that everyone assumes that things like Twitter and Facebook are happening only in the Valley or in San Francisco. That’s not true, just watch to see how wrong that assumption is. I want to go to China, Russia, and India in 2008 and I bet I’ll get to at least one of those places.

What I’ve learned in 2007 « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

Texas mayor dogged by puppy theft charges

34400418My brother sent me this story – he lives in Alice, TX.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Alice (I spent a week there one day!).  It is a small and fairly impoverished town in the middle of nowhere.  My parents lived near there for years.

Not much happens in Alice, TX that makes the national news. But when the Mayor claims the dog she was sitting died, yet really steals it and later claims she is just protecting it, then things tend to get a wider view.

You have to love small town politics, and small town mayors.  Give someone just a bit of power and they suddenly think they can lie, and steal, and cheat.

Follow the link for the rest of the story.

ALICE, TEXAS — Politicians have been known to pull some doggone dirty tricks, but can it get more low-down than puppy theft?

That’s the question people in this Texas brush country town are asking now that their mayor has admitted — without a smidgen of remorse — that for months she’s been harboring Puddles, her neighbors’ cuddly Shih Tzu.

First owners First owners click to enlarge At first, Mayor Grace Saenz-Lopez lied to the family, telling its members that the dog had died while they were vacationing. Now she’s refusing to return the pooch, which she calls Panchito.

She argues that the dog’s owners have forsaken the right to keep such a tender animal because they failed to shower him with loving care when he was ill and needed them most. That’s triggered a bizarre custody battle that has both sides howling for sympathy.

“I’ll tell you what: Let’s drop that dog in the middle of the courtroom and see who it goes to first,” the mayor’s attorney, Homero Canales, barked in a fit of bravado. “You want a dog? Take care of it. These people were more interested in going on vacation than caring for a dog that looked like it was about to die.”

The Puddles-Panchito feud started last summer, when Rudy Gutierrez and Shelly Cavazos asked Saenz-Lopez to dog-sit their sickly black-and-white pup while they took their four children to an amusement park. Puddles had gotten trapped under their home weeks earlier, and by the time he emerged, he had been ravaged by fleas. He was deathly ill when the family decided to go away, Gutierrez and Cavazos admit.

After one day, the mayor called them with terrible news: Puddles was dead.


Texas mayor dogged by puppy theft charges – Los Angeles Times

The Crew Cut Photo

OK, I promised a crew cut photo – here it is.

1323 posts in 2007. Plus this one.

1323 posts is a lot.  No doubt too many.

110 posts a month is 25 posts a week, or just about 3.6 posts a day.  For a year.


For some reason the year started slower than it finished.  Oddly enough I picked up my largest and most time consuming client in June – just about the time my posts started increasing in volume.  No idea if the two are related.

In any case, my goal for 2008 is to post on average twice a day here.  That’s more than enough.  For all of us 🙂

There were 30 days that I didn’t post at all.

The average post was 225 words, and the longest post was 4990 words.

I currently average 1.96 comments per post.

I’ve met 61 people through my blog this year and three of them have hired me.  A dozen of them I have met in person, and a few of them have become friends.  (Real life friends).  I think another two dozen will be friends if we ever meet in person.

So blogging has paid off for me – personally (through meeting friends) and professionally (through finding work).

And it keeps me off the streets.


Philanthropy’ is no grown-up word

This article just made me feel good.  I’m glad the technology we’re building is making it easier for people to get involved, and to give back – even if they are only eight years old!

In lieu of presents for her 12th birthday party this year, Maddie Freed of Potomac asked her friends to bring money, and she raised $800 for Children’s Hospital.

Eight-year-old Jenny Hoekman saves a third of what she makes walking dogs, and this month the Takoma Park girl donated it to help her Brownie troop sponsor an immigrant family.

And in Club Penguin, a popular online game club for the elementary school set, more than 2.5 million kids gave their virtual earnings to charities in a contest this month. In response, the site’s founders are giving $1 million to charities based on the children’s preferences.

Philanthropy’ is no grown-up word – Washington Post-