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This won’t help adoption of Microsoft Silverlight!

OutlookMy brother sent me this screen shot, so of course I had to go digging around – I mean, this isn’t a phishing site!

Click images for a larger view.

Below you can see a larger view of the "phishing site" warning.  I’ve seen this on a few sites before – but never on my own!




phishing So what causes it?


oddly enough,

it is Microsoft!

Really.  Look at the top post on my blog (as of this screen shot – or the post just before this one)

There is an embedded "Channel 10" video from Microsoft.

And it wants to install Silverlight.




If you already had Silverlight installed you wouldn’t see this error.

So basically, Microsoft is warning users that a piece of Microsoft Code is making my site look like a phishing site.

Poor form.


And yes, I did extensive testing of removing this post, having Silverlight installed vs not installed, etc.

The only way I can replicate the phishing warning is if I have Internet Explorer view this post and do NOT have Silverlight installed.

Fix, please?

Silverlight Rehab

You don’t have to be a programmer to enjoy this video.  You just need a slightly warped sense of humor.  Like these Microsoft employees (err, and me, I suppose).

Anyway, this made me laugh.

Silverlight Rehab – You’re not alone



Trying Silverlight can lead to an addiction. We know this. But you’re not alone. Whether you’re a Developer, Designer or just a web junkie…there’s people out there just like you. Don’t be afraid to come forward. Share your story with us. It’s okay. In a unique move, we decided to allow cameras into one of our Silverlight Rehab meetings. Brace yourself it’s not easy to watch.

Home | Channel 10

Did Twitter get me on Alltop? Probably.

I started getting some hits from a few weeks ago – not many, and never seemingly from the same URL.  I dismissed them.  Of course, I follow Guy Kawasaki in Twitter (and he follows me) – so I know well what Alltop is.

Alltop aggregates RSS feed – "the best of the blogs" but they also sort them by category – and they have a lot of categories.

Today I got a dozen hits from before I wondered what was up.  So I went and looked.  If you scroll down a bit, there is my blog, on the left.

I think the "life" section is probably where my blog belongs – because I talk way more about personal stuff than tech – and when I do talk tech, it’s normally personal!

About an hour later I got an email from Guy Kawasaki telling me they added me to Alltop – a canned email, but that’s cool.

So how did my blog make it?  My Technorati rank is ok – I’ve been in the top 100k often.  My subscribers via FeedBurner isn’t huge – averages 115 people/month.  So how did I get any attention?

I can only guess it was via Twitter.  Depending on who is online and active I may or may not Twit about a new blog post.  If I think it fits the (current) audience, I will.

Twitter gives you a huge voice.  But I’ve found I moderate (usually) what I Twit about depending on who is online, and active.  My Twitter friends online in the daytime are mostly different from those online at 1am.

And I appreciate that Alltop included my blog – it is just another way to make a new connection.

My favorite poker game I was in

I was in a Texas Hold ’em cash game with about 6 other people and I had won 7 straight hands – three of them on the bluff. On the eighth hand I was caught in a really bad bluff. I lost 20% of my chips.

The next thing I did was ask, “OK, what’s my tell? Seven hands I had the top cards and I try a bluff and you see it?”

Nobody said anything, but they were suddenly all wondering if this guy who beat me had seen something. So I started changing slight facial expressions and moving my chips differently. People were looking for tells, and I was giving them to them.

Two hands later I had doubled-up and later I ended the night the big chip winner.

All I did was disrupt their rhythm.

Disrupting rhythm can be a very powerful thing.

WordPress 2.5 issues

Besides my earlier post where I complained about the Widget/Sidebar interface, I have also found three people now who did not have their upgrades complete for some reason. It appears some files, specifically in the wp-admin folder, are NOT getting copied over on the first attempt.

If you see something flaky in the Admin Section (missing buttons, garbled screens, etc) then download WP 2.5 again (to make sure you had a “good” copy of the files) and then re-copy the files to your blog.

Also, Windows Live Writer, which was working fine before the upgrade, now gives me an error when I post. My post IS published to my blog, but WLW makes it appear as if it hasn’t been. I’ll look into this more later.