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NewsGang Live

gillmor_gang I call into a live podcast (but it isn’t really a podcast – it’s a neighborhood meeting where the world is the neighborhood) often on MON-THU.

Steve Gillmor is the host, and the producer is his wife, Tina.

Yesterdays show was pretty different from most.  First, while I am explaining to another caller that she needs to stop talking all the time to be able to listen, she interrupts me and I ask her to shut the hell up.  Then later I drop the F-Bomb.  Like I said – unusual show :) 

I think if you listen to the show (it’s a long one, sorry) you will understand why I dropped the F-Bomb.  I had been pretty patient.  But I can’t stay patient for ever!

The show streams live MON-THU at

I don’t know how I come across – I’ve never listened to a recording of the show that I was on.  I think if I did, I might not call back.  And I enjoy the conversation.  Interesting people who define the immediate topic of the show and a host that blends it into an overall theme.

Presidential Debates should be run more like NewsGang Live (not yesterdays show though, please!)  People from different parts of the country, as well as the rest of the world, share their opinion – and they aren’t beaten down for it.  Unless they refuse to listen to other opinions.

As Steve said in yesterdays show – Steve and I have some very different fundamental beliefs.  Yet we can share our opinions, respect the opinions of others (by starting with listening to them), and generally learn something from each other along the way.

Unless someone refuses to ever listen – as happened yesterday.

Growing pains for the Miley Cyrus phenom


This picture of Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) seems to have struck a very odd chord.  At least from my perspective.

Some people have actually called this father/daughter pose "lewd".  I want some of what they are smoking.  Actually, I don’t.  It’s got them all fucked up in the head.

What I see here is a father who appears to have a meaningful relationship with his teenage daughter.  And not a lot of fathers can make that claim.

Me, I kiss and hug my 17 year old daughter every day and my 19 year old son kisses me hello and goodbye – even in front of his friends.  I am PROUD of that.

People who see evil in this lovely photo of a caring father and a loving daughter are seeing a reflection of the evil in their own hearts, as far as I can tell.  I can’t understand why anyone who has a pure heart would have an issue with this photo – or a photo with her with a "naked back" – a picture the press is calling "topless" because that gets more attention.  I am VERY conservative with my daughter (my son as well, for that matter) – still, her bathing suit on the beach shows more than Miley’s "topless" photo.

Personally, I love it when my daughter and I are watching a scary movie and she sits closer to me.  I LIKE being the guy in her life she can trust, and count on, and feel safe with.  I love her being 17 us still have that relationship. I hope we always do.

And I think Karoli (who is my age) put it best in Twitter today, in response to my ramblings about this issue:




And my response to her was, "Me too".

Sometimes we al need our fathers, or or mothers.  Or just a good friend.

Someone to lean on for a bit.

And I see nothing wrong with a daughter leaning on her father.  In fact, I think it is totally fucking awesome.


Miley, if you haven’t learned it yet, learn it now.  What other people think of you should no define you.  And it will not.  Unless you allow it to.



You get the best of both worlds, Miley Cyrus sings in the theme song of her hugely popular Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana. Its a reference to her characters secret double life as both a rock star AND a normal schoolgirl. Offscreen, though, this 15-year-old phenom is starting to learn how hard it really is to have the best of both worlds: as a G-rated Disney superstar AND a real-life, growing teenager with an eye on a long career.

Growing pains for the Miley Cyrus phenom – Celebrities-

Popular Restaurant Owner Found Murdered (and she was a wonderful lady)

I blogged about this a few days ago.  But today this gracious woman was laid to rest.

And what said her son at the funeral? That the Barrios family will pay for their mother’s murderer to have adequate legal representation.  And they expect it to cost six figures.

He said that is what their mother would have wanted.

And that is what makes them such an amazing family, and such a wonderful place to visit.  Because a trip to Los Barrios is never just about a meal.  It is a homecoming.

Again, my best wishes for this amazing family.

For years the Barrios family has taken extremely good care of me, and my kids (and most of the out of town visitors I hosted). Eating at Los Barrios is like going to a favorite Aunt or Uncles. One of the owners always stops by to chat, and everyone in the restaurant – patrons and staff, seemed to enjoy being there.

Popular Restaurant Owner Found Murdered (and she was a wonderful lady) » STUFFLEUFAGUS

From Twitter – Greed

 CaptureI wish I could explain this more right now.  I can’t.  But I am glad Twitter gave me a place to say it.

It says,

"A bird in the hand IS worth two in the bush. true for startups as well. Greed seldom prevails unless you make a life’s work of it."

I’ve known greedy people. And extremely generous people. 

Rich generous people, and poor greedy people.  Educated greedy people and poorly educated generous people.

Regardless, I like the generous people the most.

For one reason.

They are the happy people.


I know the title makes no sense at all, but it is something I’ve been working on for a couple weeks.

Uber means "super", "hyper" or "overkill".  Twit is what you do when you use Twitter.  Some people prefer Tweet, but I see no reason why you would "Tweet" on Twitter and not "Twit" on Twitter.) So I want to build a Super, hyper, overkill Twitter app.  But make it "uber-easy" to use.

Actually, I don’t want to build a Twitter App at all.  I want to build a common framework that allows Twitter Apps to share a common set of extensions that increase the power/flexibility/usability of Twitter.

ubertwit is a Twitter Client that is (mostly) in the design stage right now.  There are a LOT of Twitter clients, so why build a new one?

I’ll let the proposed feature set explain why:

  • Peer 2 Peer via "Super Nodes".  My Twitter friends and followers will all share their data between their clients instead of each of them hitting the Twitter servers for updates.  Each client will poll the Twitter service, but at much less frequent intervals.  This is good for a number of reasons – the Twitter servers don’t get hit by as much traffic, and more important, by using the Jabber protocol me and my friends can still communicate even if the Twitter service is completely dead.  Even if it disappears. Even if it disappears forever.
  • Groups.  Some people don’t like the idea of Groups on Twitter.  Honestly I don’t think Twitter managed groups are a good idea either.  I want user-defined groups.  I want to be able to sort my conversations in certain ways – pretty much allowing me to focus on a group at certain times – yet not affecting my overall "stream".  Ideally I could open "group windows" that follow certain people, or topics, or locations – based on my immediate interest.  When the conversations in these windows "blend" the windows would do something, like blend in a similar frame color, to let me know that my conversations are merging.  And I could either move or copy any of these people or topics (tracks) from one window to another with a simple drag and drop – just like I was moving a file, or a folder.  I envision groups working by people forming groups.  And although groups CAN be marked Private they still follow the current Twitter model.  If I create a a private group and send a message to it, the messages go out as Twitter Direct Messages (if Twitter is alive).  Otherwise they go our as point to point messages on Jabber.
  • The ability to rename (or at least set tags on) my contacts.  I would follow a lot more people if I knew what the context of my relationships meant to me (let me use my own "social graph").  I’m sorry – I can’t always tell who "alph732a" – just like I don’t expect ALL of my Twitter friends to remember who kr8tr is.  A mouse-over that contained some other info would be very helpful.
  • A threaded conversation view that works.
  • The ability to "mute" someone for 30 minutes.  Basically it causes them to not appear in any of your groups/timelines.  As someone said, it is a "Time out".  Steve Gillmor thinks nobody will use this.  I think a lot of people will 🙂
  • A smart algorithm that suggests new friends based on things I talk about (gestures I make) and who I interact with most (more gestures), and who their friends are that may be talking about what I talk about.
  • Along with the above, give my friends/followers the ability to @F2F (friend to friend) me to someone – as an introduction.
  • Geo-Location service built in.
  • "Favorite Friends" list.
  • Ability to push a Tweet to a group of Twitter people in a given Geo-location (within 5 mile radius, etc).
  • An open API for the Twitter client.
  • A "skin-able" client.
  • An open source project that invites any and all to come and play – with platforms that communicate equally with each other.

This is a partial list.  I have more items that I haven’t yet figured out how to implement. Everything above I think I know how to build.

But I am still in the "just playing" stage with the code.  I would love to hear suggestions for more features, a different approach to building the "ubertwit", whatever.