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Textured walls only make sense if you have a headboard.


Maryamie – I cut my own hair, and she now colors hers.

Maryam makes me laugh.  Even when I guess her closing line before I get to it.  I might just know her too well.

You’ll have to go read her post to see what I mean.  But it put a smile on my face today – when I needed a smile.  Thanks, Maryam – this had me LMAO.

Sometimes though you just have to face your fears and get the job done. Not working currently, I just can’t justify spending a couple of hundred bucks doing my hair every six weeks. Heck, I can’t even justify it if I had a job. So I went to the drugstore a couple of days ago, picked up a box of Nice ‘N Easy Hair Color for $7.99 , did the obligatory allergy test and strand test and spent an hour today coloring my hair. I asked Robert what he thought when I was done blowdrying my hair and he said, well I can’t really tell that you dyed your hair so that’s a good sign I guess, and my mom just shrugged and said, well I’ve been telling you for years to do it yourself.


Freescale Needs to Divide to Conquer

My interest in Freescale is simply that I have friends who work there. I have never worked for Freescale.  But I DID work for Intersil, and the current Freescale CEO Rich Beyer.

That’s why I find it interesting that GigaOM speculates that part of Freescale could become part of Intersil. Which part, they don’t say. 

Each of the divisions made more than $1 billion in 2007 and could be combined with similar divisions at other firms such as Infineon, Broadcom, STMicroelectronics or even Intersil. Earlier this year, Freescale got a new CEO (from Intersil) with M&A experience, so change is certainly in the air.

My guess is that Intersil would go after the Power portion – they had their wireless play some years ago – been there, done that (and made money off the sale of Wireless). 

Freescale should get ready for change. I visited the Austin-based chip maker yesterday to talk about wireless and networking chips as well as broad trends in the industry, and walked away realizing that the firm needs to split itself up in order to survive.

The Wireless division going to Broadcom would certainly be interesting though – Broadcom was a VERY tough competitor of ours in the Wireless sector.  And I already know for a fact they have hired a number of ex-Intersil Wireless employees in the last few months.

Freescale Needs to Divide to Conquer – GigaOM

The Gillmor Gang

NewsGang Live! and The Gillmor Gang merged yesterday – for the first time.  We had some interesting conversations, but the one I am looking forward to is on Friday – when the FriendFeed developers/founders/whatever are Steve’s guests.

Jump through to hear the episode.

The Gillmor Gang meshes with NewsGang – Mike Vizard, Robert Scoble, Francine Hardaway, Matt Terenzio, Rob La Gesse, and Jerry Schuman and the UstreamGangers. Recorded Tuesday, May 27, 2008.

The Gillmor Gang » Blog Archive » Gillmor Gang 05.27.08

Robert Scoble has a "Social Problem"

[update – it is taking an EXTREMELY long time for comments to post – and many are being held in moderation.  I am NOT trying to censor anyone.  But it is almost 5am, and I can’t watch the Spam filter anymore right now.  I’ll unplug your comments in the morning.  But almost 9K comments on this post, almost all spam, have caused my system to clamp down in self defense]

Robert is a reporter.  But he is also "drinking his own Kool-Aid".  He loves everything new on the web and often tells us how great it is.

Then he moves on to the next shiny lure – leaving everyone else to figure out how the last lure adds value (often leaving the company behind the technology wondering the same things).

Robert is great at finding the new shiny lures, and sharing them with us.  I just wish he would make the next (logical, I think) step – offer me some analysis.  How can a banker, or a broker – a webmaster or a PR Pro benefit from the shiny lure?  What does the lure offer beyond the initial allure?

Yes, I want Robert to think deeper and analyze things more.

And I want him to do it because I know that he can – he just has no time.  He flippers from one shiny lure to the other so quickly that he never let’s the hook sink in.  Nothing lasts longer than the first, fleeting strike.  The last video was the last video.  The next lure is the next video.

With a few exceptions, like QIK.  Maybe FriendFeed (but I think that lasts another three months for Scoble, tops).

FaceBook was THE INTERNET as far as Robert was concerned – and that lasted a long time. But Robert sees a lot of shiny lures.

I would like him to spend more time telling me (based on real research) which ones I should strike at.  Where my time and money are best spent, and why.

The "RSS Aggregator of the week" just isn’t it.

Robert’s "Social Problem" is that he can’t recommend everything to us and have us still find him credible.  And like any other "Sales Pitch" – people need to know how it will help them.  Not just Robert Scoble, but his viewers.  His "Social Problem" is that he is not having the conversation with his audience that they want.  They don’t just want a cheerleader – they want guidance.  And examples.

And finally, they want something that works for "real people" – and not just Robert Scoble.

And the most cool thing about writing this is that I know it won’t piss Robert off -  He saves that for the Gillmor Gang!