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David Sanborn – Here and Gone

David Sanborn - Here and Gone

David Sanborn - Here and Gone

I might have blogged about this before – if so, it deserves another view.  This album is amazing – you just need to listen to it.

The more I have listened, the more I love it.

And the “supporting cast” – unreal!

Click the image for the link to Amazon (no, no affiliate fees!)

Just enjoyable.

An Odd Mashup

This is one of the most odd videos I have ever seen. A Finnish Rock Band called the Leningrad Cowboys singing Sweet Home Alabama – in English, in Russia, with the Red Army Choir accompanying them.

Weird 🙂

He’s That Good

The only video game I really play. I’ve probably bought 10-15 different versions of this game over the years – and the latest, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 should be here any day now.

Never Underestimate Your Impact

Without going into any details – today I told someone that I didn’t really expect them to give a damn about  how I felt about [something].

But I was wrong – someone did care, and I guess I just didn’t understand the contribution I was making.

That’s the funny thing about life – sometimes you don’t understand what you are contributing until you stop doing it – or even think out loud about stopping.

What I Do

You need the cloud!

You need the cloud!

People often ask me what I do. Cloud computing is hard to describe. But basically, I help stop this from happening. You write something that is popular and nobody can access it – cloud computing helps to solve that problem. Traditional shared hosting solves it by cutting off access to your product when the demands of your product outstrip the ability of the service to deliver – to you, and to everyone else sharing that “box”

At some point, the product has enough value that you want to ensure it is delivered. That is what I help do – deliver product – even product that is in high demand .