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There’s only three things I am afraid of…

Amazing job.  More amazing attitude 🙂

iPhone 2.2 Upgrade Fail

In the iPhone 2.2 update you can now delete podcasts.  But not really.  When you re-sync with your computer they get copied back to your phone.

As for software updates, you can now select “Update All”. It doesn’t work, but you can select it.

Simple Software QA should have caught these issues.

But who tests software anymore? 🙂

“You Stupid Fuck”

Three words a friend “shared” with me tonight.

And honestly, I have been whining lately. I’ve not been happy with myself, or my life.

But my friend listened intently before uttering those three words, and then more

“You stupid fuck! You have amazing kids, and as a single father you did good. They love you, and even at 17 and 20 they kiss you goodbye every morning. even in front of their friends!

You treat your ex-wife better than I would and people look up to you. I know your employees do and you get to build cool stuff.

Dude, you have it all, what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you expect perfection? Your life will never be perfect, you stupid fucking fuck”.

That was pretty much the rant I got – and deserved. She was PISSED – but not at me, just how I felt about me at the time.

Yep – that’s from one of my best friends! My enemies use better language 🙂

Sometime friends help us out the most when they are completely truthful, and care more about us than our feelings.

Thanks, friend! And glad you are feeling better, and are out of harms way!

Buy a tool, rob a bank?

I was looking at this Milwaukee 2310-21 Cordless M-Spector Digital Inspection Camera on

I need it for a variety of reasons – looking at the connectors on the back of my TV, so I don’t have to move the TV just to plug something in, looking at the connectors on the back of my PC, etc.

But looking further down the page at the “People who bought this also bought…” section, I find this:

Picture 1

The Bank Job is a movie about a bank robbery.  Somehow I don’t think everyone else is buying this tool for the same reason I am!

what fun can you do on the computer?

Picture 2

  1. For some reason I got some hits  my blog with that EXACT phrase today.  So I went to Google and searched it.

Guess what?

I am the number one result – out of at least 13,200,00 results for “what fun can you do on the computer?”.

Just in case the result changes (I doubt it ever will – heh), I included a screen shot of the results as of today.

So if you want fun you can do on the computer, Google thinks you’ve come to the right place 🙂