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It’s true – I don’t like Doctors

But sometimes they take it personally. For the first time since getting my new gig, I used my new Doctor. She’s very nice, but I was there for the Flu/Strep throat that has been kicking my ass and she wanted to talk about the entire freaking anatomy.

Finally I told her, “Look, let’s just get me over this current shit, and we’ll work on some of your other concerns, OK?”

Her response? “You are lying to me – you won’t come back until the next time you are miserable”.

BINGO! You win the grand prize, Lady Doctor! Because you are absolutely, positively 100% correct!

Why? Because your goal is to FIND SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME. If I have flaws that AREN’T bothering me, then honestly, I prefer keeping it that way for as long as I can. When they start bothering me TOO much, I’ll come see you. Perhaps in time – perhaps not. But shouldn’t that be MY call?

I guess not, since I just got a call from her office telling me she had set an appointment for me tomorrow. Oh, it was a computer that called, which sucked. It isn’t very satisfying telling a machine to shove itself up its own ass! (I DID try though). I won;t be seeing you tomorrow, Lady Doctor.

So, Dear Doctor Lady – let’s make a deal. I promise to come visit you whenever it is the lesser evil between seeing you, and the the pain/discomfort/odd growth/whatever that drives me there. But in between you need to leave me alone and instead anticipate with joy that the next time you see me I will be ABSOLUTELY miserable, and you can say, “I told you so”. And should I grow a large brain tumor in that period you can really gloat about it. Deal?

One more thing – don’t remind me that smoking is bad for me. I know that. I knew it before you were born 🙂

Work with me here!

Gads, I hate Doctors 🙂

“Global Colors”



Global Colors

“Liqui-Mark Global Colors Markers put all of the beautiful skin tones of the world in your hands.  Now you can easily make the people you draw more realistic and attractive.  Global Colors make your people look more like real people.”

Really?  The kid on the upper right is purple!  And one of the crayons is actually green!

My daughter found these crayons and had to show them to me.  They are actually very odd!

And if you look closely on the front of the box, only white kids are allowed in the US, I guess.


Odd mental tradeoffs…

OK, so I am sick, have a fever, and am on Nyquil 🙂 – still, this isn’t an unusual mental conversation for me to have with myself:

It’s very stormy out – sleet and hail, and very windy.  My daughter is at a school event until 11, when she will get a ride home from one of her friends.

I don’t know how good of a driver this friend is, so I think, maybe I should have my son go pick her up – he’s a good driver.

And my next thought is, “Don’t put all of your kids out in the storm if you don’t have to!  Why risk them both?”

I think there might be a business lesson in there somewhere, but I’m in no shape to dig it out just now 🙂

I am *really* bad at being sick.

1400 Miles is a Bad Year

I only put 1400 miles on my motorcycle this year – which is pathetic.

What I miss is the stories I’ve been able to share about my rides.

And now it is very cold. And I doubt I’ll have another chance to ride this year (I HATE the cold).

I’m not sure why I didn’t ride much this year.  The new job?  Maybe.  The fact we haven’t had any rain to speak of so we have either been very cold or very hot (or very windy!) – probably.

But as little as I use my bike, I can’t imagine not having one.

It only takes a little bit of the garage; for me insurance is cheap, and all I need is a few hours on her a month and I’m happy.

But 1400 miles a year is pathetic 🙂

A change at work

I recently changed positions at work.  Instead of managing developers and QA I will be “managing” thousands of customers.  My new title is, “Director of Customer Development”.

While I will miss directly mentoring people, this does seem to be a role I have spent years preparing for.  From my years running a public dial-up BBS years ago, to managing global customer care during the development of WiFi, and finally the last 4+ years I have spent involved in what is now known as “social media” or “social networking”.

The most challenging aspect, and the one I look forward to the most, is the fact that this is something new for us as a company – so I’m getting to pioneer, at some level.  So how do you do that?

To me, it is easy – I asked my customers what they need/want from us.  I’ll focus on delivering that.  Hard to imagine failing if you give customers what they ask for!

The other aspect of the job that I know I will enjoy is the ever changing nature of the position.  I don’t do well with repetition.  This should be anything but repetitive!

So how did I start this new position?  Well, by doing a forum post where I gave the domain owners for nearly 100,000 websites both of my cell phone numbers – AND my home phone number.  Does that sound crazy?  Perhaps so.  🙂

But I love talking to customers – always have.  And I never cringe when my phone rings and I recognize a customer is calling.  Even if they aren’t 100% happy – because my job is to make them happy!

So I am looking forward to this next stage of my journey through my professional career.  It is rare that you get the chance to get paid for what you absolutely love doing.  So I plan on making the most of this 🙂