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Why Twitter needs business accounts – and why I will pay for one.

I’ve had great success with Twitter – both with finding new people and places and times to talk to them – customers, potential customers – and more importantly talking to customers when they are feeling pain.

I’ve also met great friends – and had great fun along the way.  Twitter is a Petri dish – you can feed in an idea and in seconds you can see if it is growing, or ignored.  If it is growing, nurture it – otherwise butcher it. 🙂

That was Twitter just six months ago.  Recently Twitter spam-bots are killing the effectiveness of customer communication on Twitter – they generate too much noise.  They also distort the conversation by gaming the “trending topics”.

I want Twitter to solve these problems, and I am willing to pay them to do so.  As someone that helps manage a “brand” I need Twitter to take my money, and help me.

Simple business model for Twitter. Hard for them to do, I think – it doesn’t seem to be their focus.  But if Twitter could help companies manage their brands – fairly – by killing the spam-bots and enabling real conversation – well, companies will pay for that.

But guess what, Twitter – if you want corporate dollars, you have to add tools to help us manage the message.  Quickly.

Even if that is as simple as killing the trending topics bots – which I think you MUST do anyway to survive.  I can’t believe anyone enjoys that crap filling their feeds.  We just don’t have time for it.  And if you can’t contain it – we won’t have time for Twitter.

Twitter needs to build me something I feel good buying.  And if that is a business level product that quickly kills spam-bots, highlights conversations about the brand I care about and gives me back the ability to join a relevant conversation – then I’ll pay for it.

Shitheads and Shitstorms – or, “Sometimes people are just no damn good”

The “or” title of this post came from my visit to a local grocery chain where one day a fake haired, fake boobs, fake human BITCH pushed a nice little old lady because she was trying to find the olives her husband liked – and she was taking a bit of time to do so.

This fake human was in a hurry, on her cell phone, and evidently far too important to be kept waiting – and she SHOVED an elderly woman!

When I helped the woman regain her balance (and yelled at the fake human) the nice old lady looked at me and smiled, and said, “That’s ok, son.  Sometimes people are just no damn good”.  While it startled me to hear it come from her – I also realized it was a truism.  We see it in athletes, TV personalities, and many others.

Even in bloggers – ESPECIALLY in bloggers.

A recent case is when a mother lost a two year old child to drowning and reached out to her friends – her network.  Her support structure.  Those friends happened to be on Twitter, and this grieving mother was chastised and second-guessed by people that are “just no damned good”.  At a time this woman needed friends and support more than ever a small army of (mostly, from what I can tell), “I am a better mommy blogger than you are” fake humans attacked her and accused her of horrendous things.  Like causing her child’s death because she was on Twitter and not watching the child.

I’m sorry.  You can stick your “better than me” attitude right up your (choose an orifice).

A mother lost a child.  And “better” mothers were mean, and cruel and uncaring.

Sometimes people are just no damned good.

And shame on them for it.

I support Rackspace – if you have an issue call me. Any time.

I’ve tried to keep my job off my blog – for the most part.

But trying to separate who I am from who I work for is silly.

This blog is NOT an official Rackspace property – want to make that clear.  Also want to make it clear that I do NOT want this blog to be a support channel for Rackspace.

And it doesn’t need to be.  For over a year I have shared my cell phone and personal phone numbers on Twitter.  If you are a Rackspace customer with issues, or a potential customer with questions – I want to talk to you.

You don’t need to be Techcrunch, or Chris Brogan to reach me – honest.  I am a phone call or an email away – and I will help you.  It is the favorite part of my job.  I LOVE helping customers.

But it ticks me off when people don’t know I am here – or think I am only here for “a-listers”.  I am here for ANYONE that is using Rackspace and has issues.  Or wants to use us but wants to learn more.  Or HAS used us, and wants to share why they left us.

I’m here – damn near 24/7.  I am here to help – and to make stuff happen.

If you need Rackspace, talk to me.  My job is talking to people just like you – be it support or sales issues.  I don’t have all the answers – but I have access to the people that do.

So here is my offer – if you need Rackspace – for any reason – ping me.  Ask me for help.  I LOVE to help.  Being helpful is why I show up every day.  It energizes me.  It makes me happy to be at Rackspace when I can be helpful.

There are many ways to contact me.  They are listed below.  But never be shy – include me.  I promise that I will help you as much as a person can.

Skype: rlagesse

AIM: mossorob


Email: or

Phone: cell – 210-845-4440 or my home number at 210-370-3861


You don’t need to be an “a-lister” to get my attention – you just need to let me know you NEED attention.  And you need to be willing to let me help.