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Sometimes we all need a “feel good folder”

Like anyone that works with people, I have a lot of wins, and suffer some losses.  I have great days, and I have days that kind of drag me down.

Ever since I can remember I have kept an email folder called “good news”.  I stick my wins in this folder – be it a new customer I brought in, kudos from a boss, or a thank you from a customer.  I rarely look at this folder, because I am lucky, and have created my own position, as illustrated by Hugh MacLeod:

But every now and then, I need to be re-energized.  This folder helps me remember why I fight hard for a customer, or why I push hard against big corporate BS.  Or why I am up at three in the morning trying to make someone smile.

I think we all need a “good news” folder at times.

Fanatical, yes. With purpose, and a plan.

A lot of people might look at this image and think it is negative.  I know Hugh, and I know my company.

This is a challenge to NOT be normal, not be boring, and not let life just happen.

We aim to change the world.

One URL at a time, or one customer at a time – doesn’t matter to me.  I am here to matter in a company that matters.

I am here to help other Rackers change the world.  And that is not “normal”.