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I once rode a mile with a blindfold on

I do NOT recommend this. I was younger, and times were more simple – and I lived in a very small town.  And I was on a motorcycle.

I had two friends next to me. guiding me.  I was riding a Honda 440 Super Sport – a bike I loved.

So why was I riding with a blindfold on?

The easy answer is that I was young and stupid.  The more complex answer is that I did not know where I was going, so I did not care what direction I took. I just felt I needed to head somewhere – so I did.  With the added burden of a blindfold.

I made it the mile.

It made me smile.

In the 25 years since then I realize that was a very easy mile.  I had no fear then.  I had little responsibility then.  I had no voice or audience then. Nobody counted on me.  I was as free as a human could be.  I was free to risk it all – in any fashion I chose.

It was an easy mile back then because I had nothing to lose.  Nobody depended on me.  I did not have two kids in college.  The times, my friend, they have changed.

As I matured, people started to depend on me – so I grew up – a little. Now I have two kids in college, customers that I love, employees that depend on me.  Life is more complex.

I don’t walk 5 feet without having my eyes open the entire time now.  I have grown up. I owe people stuff (more valuable than money).  I need to live a while to pay it back.

I am not risk adverse now – I am just a lot smarter – I see more, listen to more – find ways to help more. Without risking everything. I am looking for ways to invest instead of ways to risk. And I don’t mean investing with money – I mean investing with, “Dude, I have been there an done that – don’t do that”.  Advice.  Mentoring.  Friendship.

Taking risks without risking everything is what people my age should be doing right now – investing where they can – in a business, in family – in crazy perhaps.

Dying with money in the bank seems like total fail to me.

My kids are in college – and will graduate without debt.  Why should I not gamble on other people’s kids at this point?

Why would I not gamble on people at this point?  I am where I am because of people.

So I will be investing in young people – a wide variety of young people. Any class, any space, any race, any IQ, any that even tell me “fuck you”.

Look out kids – I got an agenda.  And you are it.