3 climbers fall from Mount Hood

I don’t understand?  Are we supplying “mountain locator units” that don’t work?  Sounds like it.

And how do 3 people just fall off a ledge?  What they hell were they doing on a mountain in the winter?  Hell, I don’t even go outside when it’s below 40!

I wonder how many tax dollars it will cost for this rescue attempt?  I sure wish I could count on the taxpayers to help me out of a jam when my hobbies get me in trouble (might include an occasional cab ride home, change of identity to escape from certain women of the female persuasion, some extra chips at a Texas Hold’em Table, etc).

Strovink said the climbers have cell phones and were all carrying electronic mountain locator units, but no one has been able to pinpoint their location.

Source: 3 climbers fall from Mount Hood – U.S. Life – MSNBC.com