31,000 gallons of water NOT wasted by "rules"

We’ve been under water/burn retrictions here in South Texas for a long time.  It’s been very dry.  Early this summer, when things were really hot (in the low 90’s here – not like that un-Godly “dry-heat” those people in Arizona try to sell you on!) – I decided I had just gotten tired of trying to “fix” my inground swimming pool.  I’ve dumped a ton of money and time into it, but it’s 30 years old, and it showing it’s age.

So I decided I would drain the pool in preperation for demolishing it.

My plan was to use a small submersible pump I had to drain the pool through a hose into a water sprinkler – thus emptying the pool AND saving what some would foolishly call my “lawn”.

But we weren’t allowed to run a sprinkler.  Except for about 2 hours one day a week.  My pump pushes about 100 gallons of water an hour.  My pool holds 33-35 thousand gallons of water.  It was going to take a LONG time at two hours a week

So I called my water company, looking for a variance.  They had me talk to the local water management agency.

Turns out it would be completely legal for me to use the in-pool drain and just pump all this water down the sewer (drainage ditch, actually), but it would be completely illegal for me to use the same water on plants, and weeds and such.

I hate rules that don’t allow even smart and well-meaning employees any deviation.  Nobody seemed willing to “put their neck out on the line” and let me use this waste water responsibly.  It was a two-week ordeal chasing people down and getting the appropriate permits.

But as a good friend of mine told me after I went through this – “you would probably have had better odds in just using the water and hoping any “water cop” would have more common sense than his bosses who set the stupid rules”.

And of course he’s right.  But I re-used about 31,000 gallons of water, and didn’t break any commandments by doing so 🙂