5 to Go

Wow – 995 posts.  This one is 996, so technically (yes, Paul, I caught myself!) there are only 4 more posts until I hit the big 1K number. 1,000 posts.  In 256 days – or about a new post every 6 hours (cool date calculation site here). 

I’ve only missed 28 days with no posts at all (all of them were related to travel, the Superbowl, or some such thing I though was more important).

I don’t know how many words I’ve written, links I’ve posted, the number of comments, or how many pictures I have uploaded.  It would be nice to have a utility to tell me these things, because I wonder 🙂

Perhaps I’ll try talking Yuvi into writing a generic WordPress analysis tool :).  Yuvi has been doing a couple of fun things lately (if you use Twitter, add “StupidScoble” to your friends list.)  I think if Yuvi automated this, and ran it as a web service where I could just enter my PayPal info, then my URL, he could make a decent income off it.  I would pay $5.00 for some stats.  I am sure many bloggers would.  After all – it is a vanity driven market!  Build in an API that lets people build Widgets on top of the data, and sell a subscription for $2.00 a month or something – lot’s of opportunity in this space!

Now I really thought I was well over 1,000 posts – I thought maybe 1100.  But now I will be worrying about my 1,000th post.  Should it be any more special than the first one, that I made on my son’s 18th birthday, or the 100th one?

Anything special I should blog about?   Any requests?



  1. Hmmm, maybe we should be talking in terms of how many gadgets this would equate to for a digital camera?? 😉

  2. Well, I’m doing my best to prod him along 😀

    OK, Yuvi, you slept on it, and here we have two people already thinking it’s a good idea ❗

    It won’t make you rich, but I am confident it would earn a few hundred dollars a month – especially if we put ads on it.


  3. omigoodness, the ripple felt round the blogosphere when Yuvi analyzed Scoble’s blog was palpable. It isn’t a matter of “if”, only “when” Yuvi wants to commercialize his efforts. 😀

  4. Okay Yuvi, now I am interested in your little tool. I think you could make a little cash from it if you made it available to the rest of us. You could set up a PayPal shop front and I certainly would consider using it to do analysis of blog sites that I follow (and my own of course).

  5. And, maybe, blog about your mayorship, if that’s a correct word.

  6. @Yuvi – nice! The check is in the mail ;).

    I had no clue I linked to myself that often – but since you’ve also noted that I also link to Wikipedia, at least I’m consistent in linking to questionable sources of information!

    @Deannie – OK, one motorcycle story vote. I’ve got a good story from 20+ years ago – and I don’t think I’ve told it to anyone in a long, long time!

  7. I love reading about your adventures on your motorcycle. 🙂

  8. It’s now 997 posts in 257 days, at 3.8 posts a day, or 7.4 days if you think of an unusual 12 hour day. You’ve linked 857 times, of which 821 are unique links, to 289 different hosts. 416 posts have no links in them, with each post containing 0.89 links. Means you have less than one link per post.

    You’ve got a total of 1834 comments. That’s at 1.8 comments per post, or 7 per day. 48% of your posts have no comments[hehe].

    Also, you link to yourself a lot (262 links, in 200 posts, meaning 30% of links are to yourself and 20% of posts contain atleast one link back to you). MSNBC comes a distant second, scoble, bizjournals and wikipedia coming an even distanter third, fourth and fifth. However, for single unique links, Deannie’s old blog tops out at 6 occurences, followed by Paul’s blog at 5.

    [More details available at a small fee, in accordance with the advice of Rob La Gesse]



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