A beautiful view

3849802_3ea2f9bb39_b Thomas Hawk makes beautiful images.  This one (which I saw via Steve Clayton’s blog) is one of the most amazing images – the color, and contrast… it is damn near perfect.  The fact I lived in the Bay Area probably makes it mean more to me.  But it is a wonderful image.

Click on it for the larger view – the only way for it to really be appreciated.

I would love this on a black T-shirt.


  1. @Thomas – you are welcome!  Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hey, thanks much!




  1. Fair Use says:

    […] But suppose I found this image on a blog, and I knew who took it?  The initial blog has credit given to the creator.  In that case it is easy for me to find the owner, and if I am not using it for direct commercial gain then I feel it is friendly use for me to use the image in my blog – with attribution.  And I did just that right here. […]

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