A bump in the night

Just after I hit send on my last post I heard a brief screech of tires and a very loud thud. Followed by a constant horn blowing

I live by a freeway (interstate, autobahn, whatever). I hear a lot of noises – brakes and fender benders. I knew this was different.

Of the 200,000+ cars that pass within 100 feet of my house every day (yes – I know – long story how I ended up with this house) this car would not make it home. And from what I saw as I ran out in blue jean shorts, flip flops and no shirt, dialing 911, I doubt the occupants will get home either. The vehicle failed to make an exit and was basically sliced in two. Luckily the cops got to the scene before I did – so I wasn’t pressed to deal with the casualties.

I left my name and number, as an “aural witness” to the crash, and came back home.

I often get involved in these things – for some reason. A few years ago I went to Lowe’s during lunch – I can’t remember what I was looking for. And as I entered through the gardening entrance (as a short-cut) I turned the corner and saw an elderly man lying on the concrete. He had no pulse, and was not breathing. I called for help and started CPR. Luckily an ambulance team was eating at a Bill Miller’s BBQ across the street – they got there in minutes.

Days later I received a wonderful card signed by the man’s family – his wife, and kids, and grand kids. Unfortunately he didn’t make it – but he lived three more days than he might have – and he had time to say goodbye.

The people on the highway next to me didn’t get that opportunity.

Life is short. Enjoy it. Buy a fucking Wii and be a kid again.