A Chance

Without going into my personal politics, because it just isn’t importnant. I am happy tonight.

And it doesn’t matter who I voted for – my actual vote may surprise you,

But I am happy – we have a chance to change the way we do politics in this country – and if Obama can deliver THAT to me, I’ll be happy.  If he cannot, then I will be VERY disappointed.

Now the real work begins – and I want Obama to succeed at the real work.  We all should.

I’m not interested in the “historic” aspects of this election – I don’t care that Obama is black.  I only care that he delivers.


And I’ll help him as I can, where I can, and when I can.  We all should.


  1. Yeah, I’m not really into bumper stickers either. The last couple I had were purchased for me by my kids. One read “Why is divorce so expensive? Because it’s worth it.” and the other, “Honk if you love peace.” My children also took it upon themselves to apply them to the vehicle I was driving at the time,–in very close proximity.

    I wondered what people thought of the combination as I drove from San Antonio, TX to California & back again in December 2004. Personally, I couldn’t have expressed myself more eloquently had I tried.

  2. Thanks, but I am not into bumper stickers, The last one I had on a car was in 1995 or so when I altered a “Don’t mess with Texas” sticker to read, “Don’t mess with Taxes” – back when we were (foolishly) considering a state income tax last.

    I won’t stay up waiting for my check. OR my “free” health care. I know what free costs. http://www.lagesse.org/free-does-not-mean-available/


  3. I don’t know when the Government will start issuing the “redistribution of wealth” checks, but if it’s any consolation, you can get 1 free Obama sticker (with FREE shipping too!) by copying and pasting this link in your browser: https://pol.moveon.org/shepstickers/?id=-6380040-70yZtex&rc.

    “Charity creates a multitude of sins.”
    –Oscar Wilde

  4. I had drinks today with a group of middle-income people who all asked the same question (jokingly) – “When should I expect my redistribution of wealth” check?

    I don’t want Obama to do anything except fix Government. If he managed that, most of our other problems wouldn’t exist – because most of our problems are CAUSED by Government (spoken by a pure libertarian, of course). 🙂

  5. @Mr. La Gesse: America IS looking for “deliverance.” We’re all hoping the sooner the better. I’m sure Obama will deliver.

    @ rjamestaylor: Amen. Americans do need to pull together. Soon, we will “all” be pulling together as Obama leads us towards a new one world order.
    (P.S. Do I know you? Are you the Raymond Taylor who knows/corresponds with Kerry?)

    @Bruce Hughes: Many thanks for the link to “Obama’s Seven Lessons for Radical Innovators” by Umair Haque. It has answered all of my questions AND more. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Umair Haque is 100% on-the-money; for better or for worse. I’m standing with you all in hoping that it is for the best.

  6. Bruce Hughes says:

    There’s a good chance Obama will deliver the change you seek, because he already has a template: http://tinyurl.com/6rxetn

  7. I agree with your decision to stand with our President-elect and work to help him be successful. This is an excellent stand to take — truly patriotic.

    As John McCain made clear in his quintessentially classy concession speech, the campaign season is over and all Americans need to pull together in these trying, difficult times.

    Move over; we need more room to stand side-by-side.

  8. Well, congrats on voting, and making it a meaningful event for your son. Somewhere along the way I thought you had said you were going to exercise your right to “not” vote. I considered not voting either. However, coming from a background which did not permit me to vote, I set out with the attitude that I had a lot of making up to do. Growing up without a television, computer or radio has perhaps damaged my brain to some degree. I struggle to understand how the media can influence so many just because they “say so.” I want things to make sense. I love logic. I desire justice in an unjust world. How ridiculous.

    In fact, although it is past 2 a.m., I now struggle to understand why I voted. The word “democracy” lacks any reference to an “electoral college.” Yes, I comprehend “how” the Electoral College is set up, and perhaps I can even understand “why” it was originally set up. But, I want to know,–is it relevant to our brave new world and global society? I’m asking for feedback and help on this point.

    I will admit Algebraic formulas are the bane of my existence. As the evening went on, I blamed my ignorance for not understanding how the public vote could be at 49% and 51%, but the Electoral College vote at land-slide proportion(s). Perhaps the answer/understanding I seek is not to be found in math? Could it be that the answer, (politically incorrect, of course), lies in superb “target” marketing, subliminal messaging, eloquent speeches, unlimited funds, unrivaled intelligence, hidden fanatical beliefs, and, dare I say, a willingness to play the “race” card?

    I am not happy tonight. I am disturbed that the color of anyone’s skin is/was even a topic of discussion as it relates to a position, or lack thereof. I’m unsettled that “we see the world, not as it is, but as we are.”

  9. great post rob, this election means nothing if Obama does not deliver.