A Deaf Mute I had No Problem Understanding

So I got my new lawn tractor today. It was delivered by a deaf-mute.

He was over an hour late.  Within two minutes of him arriving at my house I understood he had troubles with his truck, and that it had sprayed him with fuel, and that he was sorry for being late.

Without speaking a work we laughed at some unspoken jokes and devised a plan for us two “little guys” to get my old dead mower loaded on the trailer.  We accomplished it without a problem.  We worked well together – perhaps because we didn’t try to come up with a complex plan.

He may have been a deaf mute, but he knew more about customers than a lot of speaking, hearing, college educated arrogant asses I’ve met in my life.

How?  It was very, very clear that he was distressed to be late.  I know he was afraid I would be angry, and treat him like an ass.  Instead, I was happy to see him, and enthused with his animated gestures of apology.  He was sincerely sorry he disappointed me.

Sorry – I have a real soft spot for people that are honestly doing the best job they can – and feel poorly when they don’t do well enough.  There was no doubt this young man was very concerned about his job – but even more important, he was concerned that he had let me down.  He motioned to me that he couldn’t call, because he couldn’t speak, or hear – but he already had me at “Hello, the truck broke” – all done with unofficial sign language.  Somehow you can tell when people really care, and when people want you to think they care.  This young man (I did not get his name, but I will tomorrow, when I call his boss to let him know how professional he was) clearly gave a shit.

Give me two employees with that attitude for every one with a fancy degree – please.  I would rather have people that give a shit.

And I don’t give a shit if they can speak or hear – as long as they can communicate.  And this young man was very, very good at communication.

And my new mower kicks some serious ass.  More on that later!