A golf hole is 4.25 inches in diameter

[OUCH! After all this time someone corrects me in the comments – a golf hole is 4.25 inches in diameter! Thanks, “hole”! Perhaps if it really were 4.5 inches I would have a better score!]

Today at The Grove Tiger Woods once again Eagled the 18th hole. That’s three days in a row. For those of you that don’t know golf, an Eagle means 2 under par. The 18th is a par 5. Tiger made it in three shots three days in a row.

That means Tiger moved the ball over three quarters of a mile in nine shots. Doesn’t sound impossible, as I can occasionally hit the ball 250 yards. Occasionally!

So why is this a big deal? Because Tiger hit the ball over 3/4 of a mile with only nine shots and three times during those nine shots he had to get the little ball into a hole only 4.5 inches in diameter. And he made it look easy. And that’s why he is Tiger Wood’s – the Babe Ruth, or Muhammad Ali, or Michael Jordan of this generation.

I don’t care if you golf or not, or know golf or not – you owe it to yourself to watch Tiger play. When he is having a “good day” nobody can catch him. When he is having a “great day” nobody can even see him!


  1. @Hole – really (doing Google search). Really! Wow – this post has had about 1500 hits and nobody ever mentioned that! No idea where I got 4.5, unless it was a typo. Long enough ago I don’t remember!

    I’ll make the correction – thanks!

  2. FYI a regulation golf cup is 4.25″ 🙂