A great West Texas Tale – The Burro Lady

Twice I came across The Burro Lady – both times I was on my motorcycle, riding nowhere. She was quite a character. Follow the link below for some pictures and the rest of this story – it will make you smile, even though it is announcing her death.

On this particular cool morning in early March 2003, Judy was camped below Bee Mountain, on Fm Rd 170. When I stopped, I asked her if she remembered me from the several other stops I’d made in the past, and she replied “yes”, and we exchanged a few words about the weather before I asked her if I could photograph her. She said, “Ok, but I don’t look so good this morning”. I thought she looked better than usual, and commented back “Oh, no, you look beautiful today!”. She posed for me, moving around to various places around the burros, even beginning to place blankets on the one which was unpacked. The darker one apparently was left packed up through the night, and appeared to be not feeling well, and she kept looking at the burro, telling me that she just bought that one from The Kiva, the day before. So seeing two burros with Judy, was an unusual site.

viewing – Packin’ Up