A High School that amazes me

I’ve been working with people from all over the world for quite some time – back to my time in the US Navy, when I traveled extensively.  Over 25 years ago.

But this snippet of the weekly "What’s happening" email I get from the Principal of my (now daughter’s – my son graduated) school just makes me smile.

Look at that list of countries they are hosting – all in one week.

Just amazing. 

I know this school will benefit my kids in ways they can’t even imagine.  I’m just happy they have the opportunity.

The International School of the Americas is a magnet school.  It’s been an amazing four years I have been involved with them.  And they continue to amaze me.


Dear ISA Families, This week ISA welcomes visitors from around the world to our campus. On Monday, students from Afghanistan will spend the entire day shadowing ISA freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students to learn about ISA and interact with young people in the United States. Tuesday ISA will also host a group of international visitors from Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Lesotho, South Africa, Republic of Korea, Japan, China, Macedonia, Sweden, Kosovo, France, Italy, Belarus, Yemen, Israel, Morocco, India, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Uruguay, Ecuador and Peru. I am looking for students to participate in a student panel from 2:30-3:30 PM during the short visit. Please encourage your son or daughter to stop by the main office tomorrow if he/she would like to be a part of the panel or if he/she has a special connection to or interest in one of the countries and would like a chance to meet one of the visitors. Although we may not be able to accommodate all of the requests or interest, we will try our best. As I write about these upcoming visits, I am reminded how happy I am to be part of a community that recognizes the tremendous opportunity for dialogue and cross-cultural understanding that visits like these offer our students and staff as we continue to learn and teach about the world.

La Gesse – Weekly Message