A House Full

For the last two nights my kids had friends over to play video games, and to just “hang out”. Tonight (the third night) I have eight teenagers in my house. I couldn’t be more happy. I know exactly where my two teenagers are, and I know what they are doing. I even know who they are doing it with.

So I go to my bedroom, and give my kids “the house”. They live here too. They should be able to enjoy their own time.

So I sit here, with my dog, relegated to my bedroom. I have books, and TV and TiVo and a laptop. Still part of me is jealous that my kids are in the other room, filled with friends, and laughing like the teenagers they are.

If you have kids I hope you will make your house the house kids like to hang out in. I’ve never had to give any of these kids “rules”. My kids already know my rules – they now enforce them. No smoking, drinking, drugs, or sex. But all of the snacks, sodas and video games you can eat. The friends of my kids respect my kids. My kids know how to choose quality friends.

I’ve never had a problem, and I do not expect to have a problem. A good group of good kids just “hanging out” and having fun.

I did have a neighbor stop me this morning and tell me I should be careful about “cars coming and going at all hours of the night”. But I don’t care – these “kids” are more than welcome to be here until 3am, or 5am. I know they are just playing video games, and having fun. That shouldn’t bother anyone. And if it does, they can talk to me about it.

And going to my room early is a small price to pay. My kids have decent friends, and they like to hang out here. That is cool.

Make your house the house kids like to hang out it. Even if it makes your neighbors nervous. Neighbors come and go. So do kids.

But it hurts more when the kids go.


  1. Well, sigh.