A Rant – Time Warner – comment-1713

 I wanted to move my comment to an up-front post, since Time-Warner really did do some good work today, and Kami’s call on a Saturday morning did wonders to lower my blood-pressure, and my irritation with Time-Warner.  I can’t explain why I get so frustrated when things just don’t work, but I do – especially if I am paying for it.

So I am pretty sure this wasn’t my last rant.  I hope it’s my last one for a while though!


Time-Warner just left (actually, it was a contractor for Time-Warner). He did a very good job running a new cable in an exterior wall, past heating vents. He hit the bulls-eye and put the new outlet exactly where I wanted it (even though I gave him an option of putting it in another, less ideal location).

So now all of my TVs are hooked up again, and my Digital/PVR/HDTV signal is still wonderfully crisp and clear. No pixelization. No dropping audio. Nice!

Although I would hate for this post to be a “the squeaking wheel gets the grease” lesson it kind of is. But It’s more about knowing what my options are when I have recurring problems than anything else. Now I have options (like Kami!). But I hope I don’t have to use them.

Today Time-Warner made me happy – and I am grateful to Kami for the assist, and to Harry for running the new line.


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