A Rant – Time Warner Sucks, they know it, and they don’t care if you know it

Time-Warner Cable sucks. They worse than suck because they know they suck and they haven’t done a damn thing to address it. Nobody (that I know of) has been fired. Nobody seems to care if I get what I pay for. Nobody at Time-Warner cares if I am pissed off at them or not. Nobody at Time-Warner even cares if I tell all of you how much they suck!

You know why? Because they have a freaking monopoly, that’s why. The government went after Microsoft for less (in my opinion) than Time-Warner get away with every day. I have ZERO alternatives to Time-Warner right now – there is no services I can even buy to replace Time-Warner. They know this, so it isn’t important for them to keep me happy. They know I am addicted to the high-speed Internet, the phone, and the HDTV cable (all on one convenient bill). No reason for them to care if those things just all work – what do they care?

I was in hurricane ravaged New Orleans for a few days – watching Cox Cable. They offered more channels (the hotel had HDTV) and the service just worked. I would be lying if I said I have never had my Time-Warner services all work for three days straight – they have. But they often DON’T work for three days in a row.

So the last time I talked to them I got the number for the Executive Response Team. Turns out it is one lady, by the name of Janice Rogers – and she has been on vacation – from DEC23rd to the 8th of January. How is such a position delegated to just one person? And I imagine she probably wears several other hats. I make this point because it bespeaks of Time-Warner’s care for their customers. BTW, the number I was given was 210-352-4600, which actually goes to the main switchboard – you have to then ask for the Executive Response Team.

If I was managing this customer support team, and I heard from customers like me – the one’s buying almost every service that I offer, yet continually have problems with them — I would petition my bosses for a new level of support – direct 1:1 on-site support specialists. People who have come up through the ranks and just know my technology. I would assign one of these people to fixing the customer’s problem(s) — no matter what it took. They would be at my house when the service team was here. They would manage my account proactively and make sure I was satisfied. Expensive? Maybe. But they can afford it. They can afford it more than they can afford customers like me leaving them in droves because we just expect more. We know that IP phones aren’t magic, and there is no technical reason that they should just not work. We know delivering an always-on Internet connection isn’t black magic – we’ve managed to do it for satellite offices for years. We know they can fix these issues if they choose to.

Honestly though – I just don’t think Time-Warner hears me yet – despite my best efforts I don’t think they know how irate I am – or even how many issues I have had – and that’s another thing I would do if I ran support for them – I would have my databases scraped weekly and generate a report of customers that have recurring issues. I can’t fix what I don’t know about.

Instead, I think Time-Warner is doing nothing – except sending tech after tech to my house replacing one component at a time (or one cable at a time) until they feel they have placated me enough that they can leave. Generally they haven’t.

So, Time-Warner – do you read blogs? Wanna fix my problems? Call me – you have the number. I give you $40/month for it. Sometimes it works.



  1. Is there a way to become a content writer for the site?

  2. @Paul – if he’s a true troll, he’ll be back. I suspect he won’t though.

    @Yuvi – he used a Time Warner IP address. I have no idea if he’s really an employee.


  3. He isn’t from TimeWarner, is he?

  4. Rob: ignore trolls! ALWAYS!

  5. @ John Matthews –

    Congratulations! You have won the “Jackass of the year award”!

    What a wonderful job you do representing your employer! Not to mention the human race. Too bad you left all completely fake information (except your IP address, dummy!)

    Go play in traffic.

  6. John Matthews says:

    I work at Time Warner and I don’t give a shit about your bitching…pay your fucking bill on timeif your late then you should watch your finaces!!if your cable is out too fucking bad, get your lazy ass of that couch and exchange your box…..if your are on a special for a year..quit bitching and crying that you want SBC and Direct TV cause they will fuck you over too…If you want to leave leave you assholes !!!Fuck you and Take your fucking money someplace else…and quit asking for free shit!!!!!


    Cause I don’t give a shit about you or your fucking service… dont call the CS phone line and bitch me out you got a problem the boycott you asholes!!!!I’m here to get a fucking paycheck I’m not youre mother to tell you when you bill changes…that is your responsiblity….!!!!
    Fuck all the Time Warner Customers Burn in hell Mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And fuck the Contractors that are hired by Time Warner…they always fuck up shit anyway…..so fuck you go to SBC and Sattlite cause there’s always a dumb fuck wanting to subscribe!!!!

  7. @Justmi

    Sorry – I don’t agree with you. Individuals DO make big business change – every day. It may take more than a day for it to happen, but it happens.

    Blogs are making it easier to make it happen – I know that from personal experience.

    And I don’t condone stealing cable – or anything else (except food – I think the truly staving have a right to food, and a society that doesn’t provide for them deserves some amount of “shrinkage”)

    But it is really nice to know that TW can “make your service suck”.

    But I don’t believe you know what you are talking about on this issue.


  8. justmi says:

    Wow, don’t kid yourself in thinking that “you are going to make the big corperation change”. For every one person that complains, there are 3 that have no problems. And these are also the people that understand when a big storm blows through and a line is broken, your service is gonna go out. If you note how long it was out, they will credit you. Or you could be like Melissa and think it’s ok for the neighbor to steal service. All that does is raise the rates even higher. Gotta love people like her. More than likely they are using her tap up on the pole and making her service suck. Little does she know that there is a reward for turning people in that steal cable. Yes, I work at TWC.

  9. I tried to get away from TW billing problems by seeking service through earthlink. I understood that there was an affiliation, but it was misrepresented to me regarding the billing procedures. TW does the billing. I was only informed that they did the installation, which already happened, since I was with TW. I wanted out of service with earthlink, after the number they gave me put me right in touch with TW customer service rep, who basically laughed at me. I finally got earthlink to agree to not charge me the 149.95 early termination fee, since I never got any service from them…or we shall see if TW bills me for that. I lost 29.29 for signing up with earthlink already. Then today after my first post to your site, I got an email from earthlink saying that they are switching my phone service to earthlink. My service will be disrupted for several hours for this process… THAT WAS THE VERY REASON I WAS UPSET WITH THESE GUYS IN THE FIRST PLACE–having my service disrupted. After a lengthy conversation, they say now, yet again, that they are letting me out, without charge, but that TW will be billing me. So, I await to see if the SOB’s charge me for my attempt to escape from their screwy misleading billing and piss-poor customer service. I have had to spend so much time on this.
    I don’t consider this rant a waste of time if it makes someone privy to what can happen while dealing with these folks. It really pisses me off that TW got an extra 29.29 out of me so far for even attempting to switch. If you have a choice in your area avoid these guys. If you have to go with them for service, always double-check and then call your bank to make sure the online pay went through. That is what the TW rep told me over the phone that I should have done. They may still charge you for it though, if you make a mistake. She said that the bank charges them. So, don’t ever make a mistake… If it even IS you that makes the mistake…

  10. Andi – I would find the number for the local TW Executive Response Team – for San Antonio, that number is 210-352-4600 – ask for the Executive Response Team (Janice Rogers).

    Explain your position to them, and tell them all you want is to be treated in a fair manner, and that you aren’t looking for freebies – if people don’t complain high enough up the food-chain, nothing will ever change.

    Best of luck!


  11. My problem with TW customer service has been with billing confusion. I must have made a mistake in online billing, but I did not know. The bill they sent the next month reflected that the prior month was paid. When I went online to pay bills for the current month, I suddenly had no service. I called from my cell, and the representative had no idea from our conversation. He said they would be out to repair my service. A couple of hours later, I called again, and she said I basically had a hot check. I told her that was impossible. She made no attempt to help me understand and to maybe pay the current bill by phone to get service up and running, so I could have my communications at home to see what happened. So I had to go to the bank to find out there was no insufficient funds return. I had to go to the library to pay the two bills, since I sort of figured out from the site that had to be the problem. Their online billing site is not comprehensive in providing the information. I had to click around to find out anything. I found a disconnect notice ‘buried’ within the site for a lack of a better term. I never received an email or hard-copy letter regarding a potential disconnect. Then their site said I had to call them to initiate my service again. So, I ended up going home to call, thinking I was through. When I called, it said I owed 30 some odd dollars. I never saw that bill on the website. I told that rep I got on the phone then that I just went all over town to find out the problem. I paid, and I wanted my service back on, and I did not want to pay the last fee. He did reinstate my service.
    My new bill reflects the regular charges with the additional fee. I called to complain. They are steadfast in charging me, because they are the only game in town really as far as I know. They are rude and mocking. I would not have gotten so pissed, if the first rep could have just told me what happened, and let me pay over the phone. But after all the confusion and hassle I explained to them, you would think that most companies that want to retain your business would work with you. They know they have you, at least for now. I have not had any other problems with availability of services, except when they cut me off without warning or explanation, stating that it is not their fault that I did not get the notice in the mail. Everything that happened is my fault, and they made sure that I knew that. They do not and will not send email notification, and they do not and will not send an invoice that reflects a past-due notice, in the event of any mistake on the part of the customer. They informed me of that. They obviously do not require that their customer service reps provide you with the information you need to fix the problem the first or even second time that you call. “Stupid customers.” I made a mistake, I must have, right? Even though I double-checked the number I entered. But they made no mistakes whatsoever in providing customer service at any point. Maybe their reps have as much trouble figuring out the invoice and what the problem is when they pull it up as I did. Maybe that is why they couldn’t tell me the first or second time that I called. But nevertheless, they informed me that they have no intention of fixing any of those concerns. It is all customer error.

  12. Melissa – I feel your pain. Although I still don’t condone stealing cable to “get back at the man”

    But I do know TW reads this blog, and I do know they have a HUGE problem with thier Killeen and Midland offices. The number of Google searches from those locations that come here is pretty staggering. Dish Network should pay me for advertising on this post – I get enough hits they would do well.

    But Melissa – we ARE forcing change withing TW – I know we are. And the more of us that bitches, the faster that change will happen.

    Thanks for stopping buy. Ans thanks for sharing your experience.


  13. Melissa says:

    I am currently experiencing a horrendous situation with Time Warner. We have been a TW customer for two years, always paying our bill on time. We recently bought an HDTV and wanted to get the upgrade HDTV package. This means a new box. I was told I could drive down to their store and pick it up or switch out the old box myself. Whatever happened to customer service? This is the first time in our two years of having TW that we have actually required them to come out and do anything to our cable. I had a “garunteed” appointment time of 8 am to 11:59 am. At 12 noon after not hearing from the service tech or TW I called and waited on hold for 20 min to speak to someone, once I had a rep on the phone and asked if anyone was still going to come out for the garunteed appointment, the rep promptly hung up on me. So, I call back. Wait 20 min. Get another rep and I ask her name and her rep number, she hangs up on me. I call back. It is now two hours after my garunteed appointment time and no one from TW has shown up or called me to do anything for my cable. I wait 20 min. Get ahold of a new rep, she appologizes and says she will get to the bottom of this, takes my number to call me back so I don’t have to wait on hold for another 20 min. I don’t hear from her again. It is now 2 hours after my appointment time and I have errands to run and cannot wait for the no show service rep so I leave, only to get a call that he is on his way, 2 hours later after no phone call to tell me he is running behind, and can I get back to my house to do the cable. Once the cable is in, he leaves with the old cable box that we are keeping and paying extra for, so I have to call him back only to wait another four hours before he can bring it back to me. When I finally settle in to watch my new HDTV, it is midnight and I realize that all the packages I had previously (HBO, SHO, Family, ENC, etc.) are no longer available! And the service rep who originally set up the service appointment to begin with to have my old cable changed to HDTV, who said that I would still get to keep my old package and talked me into spending an extra $10.00 on an HDTV Tier- the service rep said that I would have all the old channels available plus the new ones she swindled me into paying. Now because no one at TW does their job and obviously answering phones over there doesn’t take a degree in Rocket Science let alone drive through window experience, I am going to have to drive down to the office in Killeen after all to speak to an actual manager. Not a worker bee, but a mananger, so I can get my cable unscrewed. Where is the integrity of TW?! What ever happened to wanting your consumer to be happy? That’s right, Time Warner Cable doesn’t give a flying leap because they are the only cable company around advertising. Well, I see my new neighbors have a satelite dish, so I think maybe TW can kiss off and I’ll go with that satelite cable company. And in the mean time I will hold no greivances for the neighbor that is stealing the TW cable straight out of the comand box, TW screws everyone so maybe it isn’t so bad if they get a little screwed to.

  14. Brian – you’ve done a lot of good work there for one day! The phpBB is one of my favorites, and I like that you’ve pre-populated some goo topics.

    I would love to work with you (and Time Warner!) to force positive change in the customer experience at Time Warner San Antonio – so yes, let’s talk about ways to work together to make this happen. Call me sometime – my number is on the Consulting tab at the top of the page.


  15. Well, I was still fuming last night and today, so I decided to get the basics up and running. There is the blog on the main site and a forum dedicated to the cause. I want TWC to know about this!


    (P.S. Rob – Let me know if you want me to link to you and vice-versa…maybe cross-blogging?)

  16. Brian – if it’s going to be a blog, I’d love to guest blog for you — and maybe even try and get someone from Time-Warner on every now and then to give there side of the story (they better have some really thick skin though!)

    Good luck with it – I hope it makes a difference. What really grinds my axe about Time Warner though is I know they can fix the customer service problems. Even if they run into technical ones, the customer service issues (especially not being able to even talk to a human for an hour of more on hold) – those things are fixable. And it shouldn’t take more than 30-60 days to fix the busy signal problem. Heck, I would fix it TOMORROW by hiring a service that extra calls rolled over too. Sure, maybe they couldn’t help me, but they could acknowledge me, take my number, and put me in the queue for a call back.


  17. All of my services have been going in and out for several days now…and I can’t call to get any help because my phone is out. I manage to get an inept “Tech” (Justin Employee# e059953) who tells me to call 244-0500. With what phone I ask him…he tell me to use my cell phone…my own personal minutes to sit on hold for over an hour? Screw that…he was insulting…

    I have had several no-shows and I have taken time off from work for this. Do they compensate me? No!

    I too work in a tech-customer service role and I, unlike Liz, realize that THEY, the customer, pays my paycheck! Liz should be fired.

    To vent my anger, I just registered boycotttimewarner.com – watch for it to come live in the next month.

    I have had enough with Time Warner San Antonio and their shitty customer service.

  18. Scott, thanks for the venting – in some way it actually makes me feel better knowing I am no alone :).

    Time Warner is reading this blog, so I enourage people to let them know what the problems are – personally, I think some mid-level managers are hiding the depth of the problem from senior management – that’s just my guess based on my experience. So maybe if we continue to rant they will improve – the truth of the matter is that I *do* love my Time Warner products when they work – and I am not even complaining abou the prices. I just expect more reliability and prompt friendly service!

  19. Rob,

    I am so glad I stumbled across your rant. It is nice to see I am not the only one. I knew I was not by myself on this issue, but it is nice to hear other horror stories. I have been having trouble with Time Warner Cable since at least September 2006. It started as a loss of signal to all the higher Digital Channels and frequent problems of no signal to my cable modem. I called several times to get them to come out and fix it but I had to keep rescheduling. The first reschedule was admittedly my fault because some thing came up in October 2006. The second was in November 2006 and they did a no call no show on a Saturday that I sat around all day like an idiot expecting them to show up.

    I gave up for a while when I was on hold for almost an hour a few times. I tried again to reschedule in January of this year. After waiting on hold again between 45 minutes to an hour I finally got in and set up an appointment. They were scheduled to come out after 6pm which is when I get home from work. I have since refused to take any time off of work so Time Warner can fix their problems delivering services that I pay for to me. Anyway, around 8pm at night I still have not received a call or anything so I turn off my porch light and reside myself to sitting on the couch watching the channels I do actually get, and believing that they have done it to me again. Around 10pm I am about to go to bed when the phone rings and a tech tells me that they are on their way to my house. I am so excited they may actually fix my problem that I do not even realize what time it is. They show up about 30 minutes later with three people (two installers and one tech). The tech explains to me that they are training the two installers as they enter my house.
    It would have been nice to know I was going to have my house used as a training exercise at 10pm in the evening. I do not think I am paranoid, but I do not like the idea of three complete strangers all over my house and I can only watch just one at a time.

    Anyway, after an hour of working in two rooms and outside they fix the signal loss problem with the digital cable signal. The tech also laughs at how old my cable modem is and tells me that is half the problem with my internet signal. I tell him it is the model they gave me and he just shakes his head.
    I think Time Warner should tell me and give me new equipment when mine is outdated and hindering my enjoyment of their services. I should not have to report a problem to have them give me the latest tech toys. This applies to cable modems, cable boxes and DVR’s. I pay the same rental rate a month for these devices that a new customer does and I have been a loyal customer longer so don’t leave me with all the old outdated stuff.

    The tech changes out my old modem for a new one he has in his truck and then the fun begins. He tells me that he is going to have to call and register my new modem in order for me to be able to use it. So I stand in the hallway of my office while a tech and two installers sit in my chair and on the floor of my office for over an hour while they are on hold trying to register this device so it will work in my house. During the time we wait I get to hear all the scoop about Time Warner’s problems, problems with management, other customer horror stories ,etc. I tell the guys about me holding for an hour just to get this appointment and the no call no show the other tech pulled and they are not surprised. They tell me that some customers have told them they have waited 3 to 5 hours. I am dumbfounded buy this information. They also tell me how mad most of their customers are and that they are working 80 to 100 hours a week trying to fix all the problems. They also said that they are constantly having trouble with the phone service and that it should never have been released to the public until it underwent more testing. I am also told that while Time Warner appears to be in flames the managers continue to cut corners and save money so they get their annual bonuses. I heard a lot of stuff about Time Warner during my time spent with the guys and they were finally able to register my device after they called a different Time Warner location and had them directly contact their Time Warner to call them back. They finally finished up around 12:30 am. Great, and I have get up in five hours.

    I had also decided to add Roadrunner Turbo to my account to see if it made a difference. They talked me into adding digital phone as well since if I got both they were cheaper than adding Turbo and keeping my present phone carrier. This of course took four calls and over two hours to do.

    The next day I ran some tests and found out that while the download and upload speeds were fast the latency for the connection was terrible. I was getting between five and ten times what is should be. I tried to call tech and get an answer but after holding for 45 minutes again the system just cut me off. I just called one more time to get a tech to call me and I am still waiting for over an hour.

    I decided to cancel my appointment to set up digital phone due to all the problems I have read about and what the Time Warner tech’s told me. I will probably also drop the Roadrunner turbo in a month if my issue does not get resolved. The only reason I keep Time Warner is for the high speed internet. I have had Dish before for cable and did not have that bad a time with them. The only problem I had was that I had to constantly buy the new hardware instead of rent it like I do from Time Warner. If I can ever find another high speed internet carrier that offers fast reliable high speed internet I will drop Time Warner like a bad habit.

    Thanks for your rant Rob. I totally agree with all your advice you gave Time Warner, but I doubt they will listen they just do not care. They have the only game in town in most cases and have no drive to change since they have no competition. Thing will not always be this way though. The high speed internet market is on the cusp of a fast changes and once there is an alternative I think Time Warner will lose a lot of people because they are burning so many right now.

    Thanks for tolerating my long rant. By the way, I live in Killeen, Texas


  20. Liz, having worked as a Global Customer Service Manager and a Quality Manager I can certainly appreciate your side of things. But the real fact here, and the one that really matters is: I pay Time Warner – they do NOT pay me. Therefore they have the burden to earn my respect, and my patronage. And then they need to keep that respect – or they lose my patronage.

    As far as customers that do stupid things – yeah – customers can be a pain in the ass. Are you suggesting Time Warner would be better served without the pesky customers? I don’t get your point here: Customers are difficult – that’s why you have people in customer care, and in tech support. It’s a cost of doing business.

    And don’t complain to me about the taxes you pay, because you (TimeWarner) do NOT pay any taxes – I, and your other CUSTOMERS pay your taxes for you – ALL of them. Otherwise you would not have P-R-O-F-I-T — and you *do* have profit.

    I expect you to have profit – I want you to make money you can invest in bringing me more new technology. I have no problem with you making a buck – I DO have an issue with paying that buck when my service just doesn’t work – in that case, you haven’t earned the buck – but you take it anyway.

    And you really sound like you think your customers are shit-bags. You wouldn’t last long in either customer support, or technical support if you worked for me.

    And just to totally piss you off, I think it is employees with EXACTLY your attitude that make this post one of the most Google-hit posts I have on my blog. Your customers DO NOT LIKE THE WAY YOU TREAT THEM. And your little “customers suck” rant just ensured this post stays high on the Google Search Pages. Congrats. Don’t wait to get fired – do your “customers” a favor and quit now. Do Time Warner a favor and go work for the Dish Network. You have no idea what customer service is because you despise your customers. Your customers pay you – and as one customer who you have consistently failed to please, I personally think you should be fired – for being part of the “Time Warner doesn’t care about it’s customers” problem – which is what this post is all about anyway.

    Oh – and you can find my Time Warner Digital Phone number in the Consulting tab – go look up my account — see how many times you have been to my house in the last five years where *my* equipment failed. See how many times you came out all together – over 20? Easily. Number of problems that I caused? None. Sorry, never happened. Go look it up. Post the results here (please, so they have another excuse to fire you).

    Thanks for tuning in.


  21. As a TWC Technical Supervisor, I must put my two cents in. First, I empathize with anyone who has complaints about the Customer Service department, as even the Field personnel sometimes have trouble getting through. However, you need to look at it from my perspective. How frustrating do you think it is for a Service Tech, when he comes to your house and finds a huge Plasma that is sitting on the floor, and you expect him to teach you how to work a highly technical piece of equipment that YOU chose. Or when he has to crawl around in homes laden with animal feces, dust and roaches. Or when you splice your own outlets in the attic and our tech has to dig through insulation to find your inferior equipment and repair it for free, lest you complain. Or when your dog makes lunch on an outside cable, causing all kinds of signal leaks that can affect your neighbors pictures, too. Or when you become I.T. guy and hook up your own router, and expect us to troubleshoot it. Not to mention when you download porn, get spyware, and blame our service for your internet issues. You expect cutting edge technology and services, but you have no idea how expensive, time consuming, and technically difficult these upgrades are. Do you think our engineers like watching monitoring devices for 24 hours straight, to try to avoid service interruptions? Do you think all the equipment and manpower is free to us? You complain about a $2.40 raise to your bill…do you have any idea what we have to pay in taxes, programming, and franchise fees?
    You do have the right to expect pleasant, professional people on the phone and in your homes. And if you operate a home business, you should be educated enough to know that no matter who your primary ISP is, you should have a backup. And if we absolutely cannot fix your service problems, excercise your free willl and switch to dish, which has it’s own set of problems. In the meantime grab a book, try to bear with us, and know that our number of happy customers GREATLY outweighs those who aren’t. That’s why I still have a great job!

  22. Maurice, I DO feel your pain. Please keep complaining when they don’t do you right – feel free to use the comments here to do it. I know Time Warner is reading my blog – they hear us – not let’s get them to respond to us!


  23. Totally Dissatisfied here in Irving TX. Time Warner took over Comcast Cable and recently switched my internet over. My net has been on the fritz for the past two weeks. I set up a tech to come out and they told me i had to wait almost a week, so i waited. Someone was supposed to show up today “between 11 and 2.” I called last night to make sure that someone was coming out and was told that their systems were down and the rep could not provide me with any information (this happens on a regular basis).

    Well, no one showed up today and no one called. I called in again and had to wait on hold for 58 minutes in between being transferred from one department to another.

    *on a side note, why in the @#$& do i enter my telephone number into the automated system, only later to be asked to give my telephone number by every telephone rep that i speak to, IN EVERY DEPARTMENT? No screen pops with my information?

    Anyway, while waiting on hold for close to an hour, I try to log on to get a live chat going with a tech support rep. Of course, im number 39 in queue so that was another 45 min wait.

    So, i finally get thru to a rep on the line (no sympathy or empathy demonstrated to me for my situation) and he informs me that according to my account, a tech tried to come out today but that he tried to call me and my “number was bad” so he didn’t come out. Bad number? The same number I have placed 5 calls to Time Warner from over the past 9 days? The same bad number that is attached to my account that i am billed to every month?


    After speaking with the rep, he told me that he would contact the local office and have someone give me a call…several hours later, here I sit. Guess they ran into that “bad number” problem again.

    You know, I used to wonder what type of high level problems were going on when the Time Warner/Aol merger first happened. Now, I see that the problems are systemic, all the way down to the front line customer service reps.

    Time Warner, get your sh!t together. If I could, I would switch back to comcast today. But of course, as your company if fully aware, I can’t.

  24. But to those of you that have tagged onto this post – what would you recommend to Time Warner that they do to make you happy? They are listening, I know.

    I have some suggestions:

    1) Elevated support for anyone with continuing issues – and Time Warner should initiate this based on my account history. I shouldn’t have to ask for it.

    2) Fix the phone system. DO NOT advertise to me while I am on hold all of the services I am paying you so much for that are BROKEN – and responsible for me calling you. Don’t sell on the support (eternity-hold) line. It’s tacky. It’s enraging. It’s annoying.

    3) Whenever possible, ask me, “Would you like the same technicians we sent out last time?” For a couple reasons -if I say yes, then I liked them, and I think continuity would be helpful. If I say no, flag that – I had a tech I didn’t like – and Time Warner should find out why I didn’t like them.

    4) Don’t offer me a free movie. I don’t want free stuff when the service doesn’t work. I want the service to work. I want it to be as dependable as my electricity is (because it’s damn near as expensive as my electricity).

    5) Make sure your tech check that ALL of my services work before they leave. DVR, Digital TV, Caller-ID on screen, whatever. Nothing is more annoying than having a service tech leave and finding some of my stuff is still broken.

    6) Tell me up front if you are sending a contractor or a Time Warner Employee to my home. I have a right to know. They are coming into my home.

    7) DO NOT try to up-sell me during a service call or service visit (unless it’s an initial install). It is VERY annoying to have new services offered when the technicians are AT MY HOUSE BECAUSE WHAT I PAY FOR NOW DOES NOT WORK.

    8) Listen to those customer service call recordings and give the reps that make me laugh a spot bonus. If I am calling Time Warner and I am laughing because the tech support person has a personality, and is engaging, then reward them. Often. And if you can tell they are just frustrating me more – fire them.

    9) Teach EVERY SINGLE employee to never tell me that there is no other recourse for me. I am a customer. I expect to be able to climb the chain of command until I am either satisfied or talking to GOD ALMIGHTY at Time Warner. Don’t block that option from me – encourage me to take it if I think I need to. I’ve heard too many times that “there is no supervisor available”. We aren’t stupid. You have supervisors working 24/7.

    10) If I complain, and you have to come out and fix something – making me lose work, or just missing some services – then THANK ME. Apologize, but thank me for helping you fix YOUR problem. Maybe send me something unexpected (don’t offer it to me while my service is down, but a thank you “gift” a week later can be very nice – it takes the bite off).


  25. Scott – I have felt your pain. And recently Time Warner relocated one of their regional sales offices here (or whatever they call them). They have a beautiful multi-media room on display – multiple big screen TVs, deep, comfortable leather chairs, wide screen computer monitors hooked to very high speed Internet (faster than we can get).

    So I devised a new strategy. From now on, when my Internet or cable goes out, I am going to pack a cooler with a few beers and snacks. And I’ll enjoy that demo room for as long as it takes for them to fix my cable.

    I’m honestly interested in trying this – will they kick me out? That would be a PR disaster, I think. Will they allow me to stay, but ask that I not drink the beer on their premises – perhaps. And I’ll honor that if that’s what they want. But from here on I consider that media room my “backup” anytime they can’t keep my services running – and I’ll use it until the cops drag me out screaming about my Time-Warner woes,,,


  26. Scott Spencer says:

    I agree one hundred persent that Time Warner Sucks.
    I have tried to get them on the phone here in Killeen, Texas for 2 days now and all I get is put on hold.
    I waited 1 hour and 16 minutes yesterday.
    “The Power Of You” is a crock of shit.
    They have you by the balls and they know it. They don’t care. All they have is excuses, pathetic ones at that.
    But no one is being fired.
    it is time a BUNCH of people got together and marched into the nearest Time Warner Cable Office and went on a sit down strike.

  27. Yes, Time Warner Cable SUCKS! Big time! Since they purchased Adelphia, I haven’t had service half the time. When I called “customer DON’T care” I was on hold for an hour or longer before I was able to speak with someone, who would tell me anything just to get me off the phone. Nothing ever got resolved so after two months of agony I signed up for DirecTv to replace cable. I wanted to keep the high-speed internet, but they turned that off too when I returned the equipment, so I cancelled that too. Then I was told that I have a credit balance… today I got a bill from Time Warner, pro-rated until 2/20!?
    When I called – and was on hold for 30 min. – the “customer-DON’T-care” rep hung up on me!!!!! Her name was Star and she was rude – no surprise there, they’re all rude or just plain lethargic. It is so clear they don’t give a damn about us. I hope they loose all their customers and go out of business for good!

  28. Lia Snider says:

    I can’t believe how much Time Warner sucks. Our cable/internet only works half of the time. When we finally get someone on the phone (after being on hold for a half hour) they tell us that their systems are down and they can’t help us. We’ve set up two separate service calls where nobody showed up. They didn’t even call to say they weren’t going to show up. And YES they ARE a MONOPOLY. We’re not supposed to have monopolies in this country. Right? Hello! I’m about to switch to Verizon.

  29. TIme-Warner just left (actually, it was a contractor for Time-Warner). He did a very good job running a new cable in an exterior wall, past heating vents. He hit the bulls-eye and put the new outlest exactly where I wanted it (even though I gave him an option of putting it in another, less ideal location).

    So now all of my TVs are hooked up again, and my Digital/PVR/HDTV signal is still wonderfully crisp and clear. No pixelization. No dropping audio. Nice!

    Although I would hate for this post to be a “the squeaking wheel gets the grease” lesson it kind of is. But It’s more about knowing what my options are when Ihave recurring problems than anything else. Now I have options (like Kami!). But I hope I don’t have to use them.

    Today Time-Warner made me happy – and I am grateful to Kami for the assist, and to Harry for running the new line.


  30. Sure Rob, thanks for letting us know.

  31. Just a note updating my Time-Warner saga – I got a call this morning from a very nice local blogger who also works for Time-Warner Cable. She wanted to make sure I had her contact information and felt comfortable calling her if I continue to experience problems. I assured her I would!

    So yes, TIme-Warner does read blogs, and contrary to my posted opinion, at least some of them really do care. I’ll keep you updated with any progress.

    Thanks Kami!


  32. Time-Warner was set to come out Monday, but I am impatient, and I started trouble-shooting things myself.

    The last time they came out one of the things they had a problem with was the “cheap Radio Shack splitter” I was using. They replaced it with a (I guess not cheap) Time-Warner splitter. I pulled out the Time-Warner Splitter and put back the Radio Shack splitter, and the digital channels I wasn’t getting before started to work. There was a little bit of pixelization, but it wasn’t bad.

    So then I decided that I would eliminate the splitter all together (although Time-Warner assured me then, and again today that it was OK to split the digital cable).

    I now have an amazing picture on all the channels I pay for. No pixelization at all – and I just got off the phone (again) with Time-Warner tech support and they say my signal quality looks “beautiful” now, compared to crap earlier today.

    So I told them I wanted them to come add a second drop of cable to my family room that I’ll use for the analog TVs. I’ll dedicate one outlet to digital.

    I really think I may have found a solution to (some of) my TIme-Warner woes. Sucks I had to find it though. As many times as Time-Warner has been here, you think they would have.

    I know most people don’t have three or four TVs in a room – but I do. And since Time-Warner told me that it’s OK, I expected it to be OK.

    I’ll update this post after they come on Monday afternoon and run the new line.


  33. Well my server logs show that Time-Warner DOES indeed read blogs – even mine. I’ve had multiple hits from them on this post (most quickly follow up with a visit to the “About” page to see who the heck I am).

    But they haven’t contacted me yet.