A Week Without Microsoft

I know – lame title – but that’s my goal. To go a week without using a MS Operating System. I may need help. Especially when it comes to opening things like PowerPoint or Project files.

And I know – my server runs on a MS operating system, so it won’t be a pure test at this point. But it should still be interesting – can a Linux novice (I have some experience, but not much) totally transition to Linux (Ubuntu in this case) for their desktop client and stick to it for a week without having to boot into a MS OS?

Let’s see!



  1. Keithg – thanks! I’ll take a look at them later today.


  2. “I won’t let it worry me too much right now. My biggest concern right now is a replacement blogging tool!”

    I decided to do a little bit of searching for you. And I came across two things you _might_ be able to use.

    Not sure if that’s what your looking for, tell me if it helps! 🙂
    (Both are in the Ubuntu repositories, so easy install.)

    P.S. Bookmarked your website. ;-D

  3. Michael – your multimedia experience scares me – although I have talked to others that make a living with multimedia on Linux.

    I won’t let it worry me too much right now. My biggest concern right now is a replacement blogging tool!

    Take care,


  4. Michael T. Richter says:

    I switched from a 100% Windows environment to a 100% Linux (Ubuntu 5.10 “Breezy Badger”, to be precise) almost a year ago. The switch was sudden and drastic and triggered by Yet Another Microsoft License screw-up. (I’ve had to “activate” my laptop — which has had no hardware changes since its purchase! — at least three times since I bought it in 2003.) Between Microsoft rendering my computer insecure by not permitting me to update patches and Microsoft’s continued trend toward even more tightly controlling how I use *MY* computer, I decided it was time for a divorce. I switched to Breezy and, after a few minor problems (and after giving up hope of ever seeing multimedia work reliably — if you use your computer for multimedia a lot, perhaps Linux isn’t for you yet) I never really looked back.

    I would not give *ANY* Linux distro to my mother yet, nor even my wife. But for someone even semi technically inclined? It’s actually possible to quit Windows cold turkey these days.

  5. Thanks – good advice!


  6. Please do not give up after only a week if not quite satisfied, and file as many bugs as you enconter.

    The advantages of Linux over Windows might take time to become clear, and having ot go back to Windows is usually a good way to realize that you really don´t want to (my current situation).

  7. Thanks Bruce – cool site!


  8. This may help. http://www.linuxeq.com/