A wonderful friend – and A beautiful view

3849802_3ea2f9bb39_b I blogged about this photo a couple of weeks ago. It was made by Thomas Hawk, and I loved the image.

The last line of my post was, “I would love this on a black T-shirt“.

My friend Kami Huyse tricked me into giving her my shirt size and my address. I thought she was sending me schwag from a conference.

She wasn’t – she sent me this image on a black T-shirt, and it looks great! CafePress does really nice work.

Kami, thank you SOOOO much! I love it! And thank you, Thomas Hawk, for creating the image.

The Internet is really an amazing place. Full of amazing people. Full of amazing potential.

Who would have thought just five years ago that some day I could say, “I like this picture” – and have it on a T-Shirt two weeks later? A picture taken by someone I am a fan of, gifted to me on a T-Shirt by someone I am both a fan and a friend of.

Very, very cool.

Once I get my hair cut I’ll take a picture in this shirt. It’s the coolest shirt I got this year (yes, it beat out the Diggnation shirt I got a couple weeks ago!).

Thomas Hawk makes beautiful images. This one (which I saw via Steve Claytons blog) is one of the most amazing images – the color, and contrast& it is damn near perfect. The fact I lived in the Bay Area probably makes it mean more to me. But it is a wonderful image. Click on it for the larger view – the only way for it to really be appreciated. I would love this on a black T-shirt.

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  1. @Alex – I plan a seperate post on this issue tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  I do have some thoughts here (and don’t agree much with Erick on the subject)


  2. Hey Rob,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and trying to comment on my post. I’m still working out the details of the new Disqus comment system.

    I agree with your opinion, and I’m wondering what you think of Erick Schonfeld’s opinion. He says on TechCrunch:

    Let me suggest a better solution: under a certain threshold or for works that are truly non-commercial, images and other content available on the Web should be free to use. Once something hits a commercial level of popularity, if indeed it is commercial, that is when the licensing fees should kick in.

    The problem lies in the determination of what commercial popularity is and how one would go about assessing popularity. The internet and its many new technologies leave our laws looking out-of-date and frail, and make it difficult to decide when someone has stolen something versus "borrowed" or "derived." Tough stuff.

  3. @Alex – thanks. I tried commenting on your blog – Disques ate my post 🙁

    I think Thomas would expect to (and should) get paid if someone is using his work for profit. A one-off T-Shirt didn’t really make anyone money, except Cafe Press, who in this case would have printed a picture of a water buffalo’s ass as quickly as the Thomas Hawk picture. Point is – they had no investment or profit from the picture itself. They sold a T-Shirt.

    But if they start selling “Thomas Hawk” T-Shirts instead of just a T-Shirt some guy wanted – then they are profiting off of Thomas, and Thomas should share in that profit.

  4. Hey there, Rob. I liked this post and I liked Thomas’s attitude about the photo and its use. I wrote about it on my blog, if you want to check it out.


  5. Awesome.  Love it and am honored that you liked the image enough to put it on a tshirt!

    Thanks much!


  6. @rob – thanks for your feedback – i will try it

  7. @Pierro – it is called Random Redirect. It is available here.

  8. Hello, my name is Pierro and im from germany.
    My following words do not "fit" to your blogpost;
    more exactly i will start a try for ask something:
    I like your Option: ***Random Post ***.
    What kind of wordpress Plugin is this ?
    so far, some greets

  9. Well hey, at least it proves I read your blog from time to time – LOL

  10. @Kami – I am certain Thomas won’t mind.  The fact you put his URL on the shirt (and that it is readable) just adds to my appreciation of it.

    One of his recent posts makes me pretty clear about where he stands about people using his work (now if anyone uses it for profit I absolutely think Thomas deserves some dollars!)

    And it *is* the perfect gift.  People who have known me a lot longer haven’t been able to surprise me with an absolutely perfect, and personal, gift.

    Well done Kami. Well done!

  11. I was careful to Photoshop Thomas Hawk’s URL on the photo before I uploaded it so that he would get credit and maybe a few viewers.  In case he comes by, I only had ONE of these t-shirts made and I didn’t sell his wonderful art so I hope he is flattered not angry.

    That said, I am glad you like the shirt, I sometimes can’t resist when I have found a "perfect" gift for someone.


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