About me? Ask Me!

I had a few new visitors look at my About Page in the last few days and they then sent me email asking me “more” about me.

So here’s your chance – ask me anything – I’ll answer honestly or decline to answer at all.

Hopefully you ask good enough questions that I can fill out my “About” page.



  1. @Deannie – yes, he is. He’s not very good, but he appears to be having a lot of fun 🙂

  2. He IS?!? My daughter watches that show…wow

  3. @Paul – I think it’s great – he’s having a blast, according to his blog posts – and is including his entire family in the experience. I certainly wouldn’t do it, but that’s just me 🙂

    But I don’t really see a downside for him.

  4. .. and what do you think of Mark Cuban’s participation in ‘Dancing with the stars’?

  5. From ZzzzzWake:

    “What are you most proud of”?

    This is easy – I fought for custody of my children, and won, and raised them right. I think.

    But I am most proud that I fought what most considered to be an un-winnable fight.

    I’ve done well as a single father (IMHO – time will tell) – and I hope that gives others some energy to fight the fight – not just for custody, but to be a great father.

    Anyone can be a parent – it takes more than showing up to be a great father.

    I am most proud that I had the guts (and support) to show up.

    I love my kids.

  6. By adding this comment I am not excluding other questions on this topic – but I do want to cover the most often asked question –

    “Are you making a living off consulting?”

    Difficult answer for an easy question. No, I am not. But I’ve structured my finances in such a way that I don’t need to (I have no credit cards or debt beyond my monthly utility obligations and my mortgage). Mostly, I work for equity. Every deal is different, but basically no – If I were an average American with average American debt I could not be doing this now.

    But my consulting is bringing in enough income that I can work at home, work on what I like to work on, and buy most of what I want, and all of what we need. No – it isn’t making me rich – but the freedom I get from it makes me feel rich.

    And rich means something different to all of us – I feel rich because I have the freedom to to what I want to do. If your definition of rich is a Ferrari, then we just have different expectations.

    I think of myself as breaking even now and investing in the future. Equity is a wonderful thing. I highly recommend it.