About Sphere

Sphere freaked me out a little today!  I made this silly little post today.  It was on the top page of AOL “TopNews” amongst others.

All of a sudden I saw a ton (for me) of hits coming in on peanut butter (of all things!) and I couldn’t figure out why.

Turns out AOL has a Sphere It link at the bottom of the page.  My stupid comment on throwing away the peanut butter was the first link listed on Sphere.  Drove some traffic. 

So Sphere works – and it worked VERY quickly.  Barely 30 minutes from post to incoming hits.  That’s pretty impressive. 

What is Sphere?

We bring you the good stuff — a very simple idea that takes some smarts to do right. Sphere’s advanced search algorithm helps you discover high-quality, relevant, and timely blog posts and makes it possible for publishers to integrate contextually relevant blog posts alongside their articles.

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