About Top Gun, and yesterday’s post…

I love the soundtrack for Top Gun.  I love the movie, and the actors.  Did you know Tim Robbins was in Top Gun?  Of course you know Val Kilmer was in it.  They’ve both gone on to do things I enjoy (have you seen Val Kilmer in “the Doors”?  Awesome.  He did the singing. Watch it).

But I watch Top Gun every few years for one primary reason – the surround sound soundtrack is amazing, and the movie looks great on a good TV, and amazing on a great TV.

So I watch Top Gun whenever I buy a new TV – and I bought a new one last night.  It took most of the morning to get the new TV set up and all my peripherals, to include Surround Sound set up.

So then I watched Top Gun.  On near full volume, because that’s the way you should watch it.  It was loud enough my dog wanted to go outside.  That’s fine.  He spends enough time inside.

I bought a Mitsubishi 57 inch DLP projection TV.  It weights about half of what my 42 inch Sony Plasma weighs, but it is about 8 inches thicker.

I chose DLP for a variety of reasons – it doesn’t suffer from burn in, like my Plasma has (a lot of time on XBOX 360!)  It has very fast refresh rates, the viewing angle, although not quite as good as plasma is still very good.  The picture is crisp, and clear.

I chose the Mitsubishi because it was a) the right size for my room (I had been looking at a 65 inch Panasonic – but I know now that would not have worked in my TV room – the 57 inch is plenty big).  b) I like the fact that I can remove one screw and replace the bulb. c) I love the software in the thing – it really makes it a no brainer for anyone to use the multiple of peripherals I have attached.  I won’t be on the phone with house sitters explaining to them all the buttons they need to press to watch a DVD.  The input for my DVD player is labeled “DVD”.  The input for my XBOX is labeled “game”, etc.

I love getting a new TV more than I enjoy a new automobile.  And the way I judge TVs is by watching Top Gun.  I’ve been known to take the DVD into an electronics store and play it before I made a purchase decision.

So it was a good day.  I got a new TV I really like, and I watched my favorite movie on it.  In all of it’s surround sound glory.  At severe volumes.

The movie never fails to get my mind moving.


  1. I’ve been viewing HDTV for a few years now – and I just hate watching anything NOT in HDTV. For example, there were two NBA games on today – back to back on the same channel – the Bulls game was in HDTV and I watched it. The second game was Miami, and it wasn’t in HDTV – so I switched to an NCAA game that ended up being amazing – because the score was close throughout, it was the number one and number two teams, and because it was in HDTV.

  2. Good choice. I bought a 60″ Mitsubishi projection LCD HDTV about a year ago and I love it. By far the best TV I have ever owned. Although I did not hook it up to HD until Just a week ago. My mistake! Picture is awesome in HD and great in SD.


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