About TryBeta

This looks interesting (still in private beta). Basically developers and testers hook up to allow software testing – and the testers get paid.

Since I normally am running 6-10 beta products at a time, this might be a cool way to raise a little extra beer money (you know, in case Paul comes to visit!)

Our Mission

Help software developers improve the quality of their products by providing a platform for developers to find and locate reliable beta testers.

Facilitate feedback between beta testers and software developers.

Ensure software developers provide adaquate compensation for beta testers who actively submit feedback and help improve the quality of the products they test.

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  1. Hi, I reviewed the service a year later and there seems not to be much better going on: http://ework.cz/trybetacom-review/

  2. Paul – looked more into TryBeta today and I have a few more suggestions.

    I think you should have a mechanisms for testers to bargain with developers (and vise-versa) – basically if the developer says they’ll give a 50% discount on the final product the tester could contact them with an offer to test, but only for a free version, or 80% off, whatever.

    I would change the list of active software (the browse view) to something that causes a lot less screen refreshes – as it is it is more like navigating forums than projects. Maybe a tree view, and/or some Ajax magic could benefit you here. The current structure is cumbersome to browse.

    Add more detail in the tester profiles and use that detail to match and suggest software with tester skills – that should help get testers involved, and it should tell developers which testers have most experience with the type of application they need tested.

    Make it more social. Allow testers and developers to rate one another, rate the project, tag things, etc. It would make a much more compelling experience.

    I know you are just starting, and you probably have a ton of internal wish-list items already – but if you don’t have these yet, I think you should consider them.

    Take care,


  3. Thanks for the feedback.

    We are continually trying to improve the web site so your feedback is really appreciated.

    I like your suggestions. I will see what we can do to improve the experience for beta testers.

  4. Paul – I looked at your site (thanks for the early invite). My initial feedback is that it’s not directed towards – at least it doesn’t appear to be, beta testers. For instance, what If I only want to see jobs that pay me, or that give me the Software for free? I can’t seem to do that, and I think that would be useful.

    My initial recommendation would to be to make it at least as useful and compelling to testers as you do developers.

    I’ll keep playing with it – perhaps I am missing something. But I really think you have a great idea here – just make sure it’s targeted as much to the testers as it is the developers and I think it’ll fly.


  5. Thanks for the post Rob.

    If you would like to be one of the first beta testers on TryBeta, just send me an email and I will give you a link to sign up. We have about a dozen products online you can begin testing now.

  6. Oh – and I forgot – you posted this comment to a completely different article than the thread started in 🙂

  7. “even a billion dollar a year company couldn’t satisfy you”

    Oh YES it could!

    But then .. it wouldn’t be a billion-dollar-a-year company anymore 😉

  8. Don’t make me pull out the receipts from the times we went as a company to The Flying Saucer! Heck – even a billion dollar a year company couldn’t satisfy you!


  9. “I can’t fulfill your endless need for pints!”


    You haven’t even TRIED!


  10. I’m sure your plan is to simply get me to drop the letter “o” from my “point” system. We’ve had this conversation – I am not the beer-meister, and I can’t fulfill your endless need for pints!


  11. 5000 completely and utterly useless Drew Barrymore points for mentioning my name in the same sentence with the word ‘beer’!

    Speaking of points, and in the context of your post: considering that I basically AM you blog’s beta tester, I no longer think that your points classify as “adaquate compensation”.
    I think you need to address this asap.