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I’ve been a Cambrian House member since July 2, 2006.  Now Cambrian House is giving shares away to every registered user.  Cool – this truly is Web 2.0!

If you haven’t looked at Cambrian House yet, give them a few minutes.  It’s an interesting company.

Here’s a quick blurb from their web site:

What is Cambrian House?

How would you unleash the ideas, talent and entrepreneurial spirit of 6 billion people?
Bring them together under one roof.

Cambrian House is home to the world’s first crowdsourcing community: a diverse collective of creative, tech-savvy and entrepreneurial minds.

Cambrian House is Community Owned. We’re the first Web 2.0 company where members are owners.

Members earn Glory Points for participating by posting in our forums, submitting or commenting on ideas and businesses, and other worthy feats.


Here’s their explanation for sharing ownership with the users:

Community Owned

At Cambrian House, members are owners.

How many community members got paid when Flickr was bought?


How many community members got paid when YouTube was bought?


Cambrian House is the first Web 2.0 community where members are owners.

Everyone who joins earns a share. Also, the more you participate the more shares you’ll earn.

Why make members owners?

Because Cambrian House is nothing without the community.

We were deeply inspired by Om Malik’s original blog post about the community commerce conundrum, and we wanted to be the first to solve it!

Make sure to thank Om, send him a hat tip. Send a Hat Tip to OM

$2.6 Million Worth (and that’s just to start)

Wot?!? We’ve reserved one percent of our equity for community members. At $10/share that’d be 2.6 million bucks. Booya!

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