Abusive Baltimore Cop

Fired by now, I hope.


  1. The VERY first lesson this cop needs to learn, is that respect is something you EARN!
    Not something you can claim because you wear a uniform.

  2. @Paul – he does seem to have anger management issues! I can’t believe the kid was as respectful to the cop ass he was – the cop certainly didn’t conduct himself in a professional manner that would elicit respect.

    I would have used some four letter names for the cop, and none of them would have been “dude”.

  3. I bet he beats his wife and kids too!

  4. @Jon – that sucks. He should have gone to jail – he did threaten the kid (in multiple ways).

  5. Yea fired, if you call it that. The news is reporting he got “early retirement” with full health insurance and everything.

    Gotta love this country!