According to Scoble, San Antonio 3G "Kicks Ass"

Three times over the last two days Scobleizer made a statement that 3G cellular data network here in San Antonio was the best he had seen, or simply that it “Kicks Ass”.

ATT is headquartered here, and Robert uses ATT – so I would hope the network was above par.  Plus we have a lot of large companies here and a huge Military presence – all are heavy consumers of high-speed wireless data.

Just another reason San Antonio is a great place to build a business.  The Scoble videos coming up over the next few weeks will give you many more reasons.

Here’s one of my favorite – The Flying Saucer (and yes, I know other cities have a Flying Saucer – but not as nice as mine!).  From last night – a Scoble Qik video – live streaming videos of a gaggle of geeks guzzling grog.  And yes, that’s me on the still frame below.  I am afraid to say.


And yes – this was March 12, 2008.  And yes, nobody has a jacket on, and there is no snow.  Just the way I like it!


  1. Rob,

    After watching the footage of our flying saucer outing, my worst fears are confirmed.. this will be some serious blackmail footage that I’m sure will pop up again when we least expect it. 😉

    Seriously, Had a blast!