Someone convinced me today that I might be able to make enough money off of ads that this site pays for itself.

And if this were an $8/month blog, I wouldn’t consider advertising.  But my hosting costs are about $90/month.  My blog is not the only one hosted on my account.  In fact, there are currently 17 domains on my account.  Many of them are people that have a voice, but not the means to run their own hosted blog.  So I give them space here.

Since I am not going to ask any of my friends that share the site with me to pay anything, I am going to try ads.  Hopefully you will be able to ignore them (just as you do on Google, and every other web site).

And if you read the site in an RSS Reader, you won’t see the ads at all.

And if you just started reading, please don’t stop.  If the ads don’t pay, I’ll stop them.  And if they do, you’ll be helping a dozen people keep their presence on the web.

Besides – who knows when I’ll actually have time to add the ads?


  1. I used google ads for about 2 months and made about twenty cents (pay per click model). I just switched to projectwonderful which is a pay per day auction model. If someone wants that ad spot, they can ‘outbid’ the current advertiser and replace the running ad with their own. You can also set a minimum bid (like 5.00), but mine is currently set to 0.30 cents per day. You can see it in action at (where I found out about it).