Guess how old someone is. That’s all there is too it.  Basically that is Agester, the latest "vote on this" Social Networking Site.

But you gotta be brave to upload your own picture!

I am quite pleased that people think I am 2.5 years younger than I am. 

I plan on uploading another picture in a few days (maybe one of me on my motorcycle).  Hoping they guess even younger on that one – since this one, in the office with a freaking tie on probably causes a lot of people to think of me as being old – you know – like 41.5 years old!

I think the site could be more engaging – like telling me who the top 10, 20, whatever, "Agester-ers" are.  Who guesses best?  And when I guess, let me know where I am in the guessing pool – am I one of the better guessers for that picture, or did I totally screw it up?

This is another one of those social sites that is just fun – like reading your Horoscope every day.  You don’t believe any of it, but it is entertainment.

The thing is though, I won’t ever pay for a Horoscope – and I wouldn’t pay for Agester.  So how do they make money?


Link to Agester