Ah – what an amazing opportunity. One that is embraced.

I am a pain in the ass employee.  You don’t get a title of “chief disruption officer” unless you cause problems.

I DO cause problems.  I question much, raise hell often, and bitch perhaps too often.

It is amazing I still even have a job.

That is part of why I love where I work – I KNOW I am difficult.  But I almost always raise hell for a customer.  So I almost always get a “pass” for being an ass.

And I don’t have any internal agenda except “I want to make customers happy”.

Almost always my company backs me and supports what I am trying to do.  But sometimes (gasp!) I am wrong.

And I love when they call me on that.  Nothing builds a functional group like honest communication does.  Nothing destroys it more quickly than NOT talking.

Confusion and disarray is the worst thing you can have in any company – and it gets worse in a public company,

I appreciate that I have thousands of Rackers all ready to call BS on me.  It keeps all of us honest.

It keeps me honest – and focused on customers.

Are your employees and customers helping keep you honest?  Or do they just not care?

Do YOU care anymore?