All I got for Christmas…

Was more than I expected, more than I deserved, and in some cases, more than I wanted!

I was surrounded by good friends, and wonderful food.  That’s always good!

I got an XBOX 360 HD-DVD player that was exactly what I wanted (and that’s why I bought it for me!).  My daughter and I watched Superman Returns this evening – it looks amazing on my 42 inch Sony Plasma.  As my daughter said, “Look – you can see all the wrinkles in that old lady’s face!“.  If you are looking for a future career – look into Hollywood style make up artists.  HD-DVD is going to keep those people really busy.

I also got three pairs of reading glasses 🙂

I’ve never had a prescription for eyeglasses, and I guess people just got tired of my typos, or tired of seeing me stick the monitor ten inches from my face to read it.  And yes, these gifts have made me realize I need to go to the Ophthalmologist!

So the friendship was more than I deserved, the HD-DVD is more (better) than I expected, and the three pairs of eyeglasses are more than I really wanted 🙂

But thanks, all.  Hope your holiday was as fun and relaxing as mine was!



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